The Wine Travel Awards 2023–2024 announced the Winners of public voting

On April 1st, an essential phase of Wine Travel Award 2023–2024 — the public voting stage — concluded. We are thrilled to announce the winners and extend our congratulations to all participants! The next phase of our journey is the selection of the winners by our esteemed panel of judges, distinguished professionals in the wine and wine tourism industry. However, it is important to reiterate that in our community, prizes and diplomas are not the primary focus. What truly matters is participation and building connections.


As you peruse our community gathered this year, you will notice several exciting developments. The geographic diversity has expanded, with nominees hailing from countries like Australia, New Zealand, China, and Taiwan, alongside a notable increase in participants from the USA. Additionally, we have successfully brought together some of the world’s most prominent wine museums. Notably, both small, independent wineries and renowned Grand Châteaux have expressed interest in our project, highlighting the inclusive and welcoming nature of our community, which shares a passion for exploring wine routes.


This is precisely the vision we had for the WTA community — a diverse assembly of individuals and brands capable of making a positive impact on the world. Take the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the nominees, chosen by their supporters:


Persons representing wines, regions, enogastronomic routes, brands; associations, consortia, national wine bureaus, tourist offices, and tour operators.

Creative Strategy

Ambassador of the Year

Wine & Food Influencer

Journalists, professional media, bloggers, photographers and videographers.

Author of the Year

Expert Opinion

The Brightest Journey

Education in Enotourism

Wine museums, wine institutes, tasting rooms, including those located on the premises of the wineries, academies of enogastronomy, wine schools participating in tourist projects, organizers of tours to exhibitions, etc.

Cultural Mission

Unique Program

Wine Guide

Guides, guides-representatives of wine regions, tour operators, etc.

Top Guide

Travel Operator of the Year

Enogastronomic Events

Festivals, wine days and local products days, exhibitions, promotion programs.

Magnet of the Region

Event of the Year

The Visiting Card of the Country

Destinations, wineries, national brands, establishments with a wine program: hotels, local food restaurants, bars, museums of wines and specialties, tasting rooms.

Region of the year

Art & History Object

Progressive Approach

Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country

Must Visit

The nominees enlisted the big support of their friends, loyal audience and caught wine lovers’ eye, so that it yielded the results. Being charismatic and active on social media plays a crucial role in public voting. And we can see these features among our winners — famous chateaux, renowned experts and wine schools, attractive wine events and interesting wine authors and ambassadors.

The top five nominees from each category move on to the professional jury round. Their businesses will be reviewed by twelve industry-leading experts from the fields of winemaking, gastronomic tourism, marketing, and journalism. The selection takes place within a 10-point system according to the unified Wine Travel Awards protocols.

Château Angélus

The WTA winners will be announced at the main WTA event — the WTA Ceremony scheduled to take place at the London Wine Fair on May 21 st , 2024 from 10.30—12.30.

The Wine Travel Awards Ceremony will highlight the results of the 2023—2024 campaign, where the winners of both public voting and professional jury selection will be appraised to that moment and new and prosperous names in the wine tourism business will be revealed.

The 2-hour program agenda includes:

  • a speech “Wine Tourism: Benefits and Challenges” by Robert Joseph, the WTA jury member, a prominent author in the world of wine and wine tourism, pioneering wine expert, wine creator and industry innovator;
  • a presentation of the WTA Sponsors and Partners;
  • an announcement of the winners and WTA discoveries;a walk-around tasting of wines of the WTA community members.