Országos Bortúra #179

Experience the rich tapestry of Hungarian wine culture with Országos Bortúra! As passionate advocates for wineries and wine tourism, they are revolutionizing the way enthusiasts explore and indulge in the world of Hungarian wines.Nominations 2023-2024/Ambassador/Creative Strategy/
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Uncorking Hungary's Wine Heritage: Országos Bortúra's Digital Revolution in Wine Tourism

Explore the rich diversity of Hungarian wine culture with Orságos Bortura! As passionate advocates for wineries and wine tourism, they are changing the way enthusiasts approach exploring and enjoying the world of Hungarian wines. Their previous Bortura app serves as your gateway to exciting wine experiences, connecting you with the best operators, comfort levels and active communities of like minded aficionados. Join Orságos Bortura on a quest for flavour, discovery and digital innovation as they unlock the essence of Hungary’s wine heritage like never before!

Their innovative solutions Boradmin (B2B) and the Bortúra app (B2C) are revolutionising the traditional current wine tourism in Hungary, steering it towards a digital future. The Bortúra app, heralded as a powerful marketing tool to revive the wine boom, is already causing a furore, mapping wine countries of all sizes and giving visibility to even the highest level of producer. But their journey doesn’t end there.

Boradmin: Empowering Wine Industry Partners

Introducing Boradmin, an integrated programme management system aimed at empowering partners in the wine industry. With a structured data architecture that opens the door to automation and artificial intelligence, they are ready to understand and exceed consumer expectations like never before. Their partners benefit from advanced features such as promotional events, discount coupons and user behaviour analysis. And with a simple account fee, they gain access to a host of online tools and visibility across platforms.

Bortúra App: Unleashing Community-Driven Wine Adventures in Hungary's Rich Viniculture

Meanwhile, for users of the Bortúra App, the journey is free to download but rich in experiences. From booking tours and checking in to sharing feedback and recommending wineries, it’s a community-driven adventure waiting to unfold.

But that’s not all. With new features like experience card purchases, quiz challenges, and language options for international tourists, they are expanding horizons and connecting the world to Hungarian wine culture like never before.

Join Bortúra App as we embark on this exciting journey to reshape the wine tourism landscape, one sip at a time. With plans to double their partner network, exponentially grow their user base, and create sustainable revenue streams, the future of wine tourism has never looked brighter.

Together, through the evolution of the Bortúra App and Boradmin, they are laying the foundation for a measurable, vibrant wine tourism sector that’s ready to thrive in the digital age.

Awards and Recognition

They are very proud that the Hungarian Innovation Association awarded Országos Bortúra with a successful startup innovation award.

The co-founder of Országos Bortúra, Szonja Bencze, has been chosen as one of the top 10 most promising young tourism professionals of 2022. This shows that Országos Bortúra and Szonja are committed to promoting and stimulating the Hungarian wine tourism sector.

The Országos Bortúra’s mobile application, the Bortúra App, is currently Hungary’s only nationwide wine tourism app, which received the Certificate of Quality for the Digital Wellbeing Programme in 2023.


Indulge in the captivating world of Hungarian wine with their latest venture, Palackozott mesék, szűretlen történetek — Bottled Tales, Unfiltered Stories, the exclusive podcast series by Országos Bortúra.

Every episode, join they as they uncork fascinating insights, intriguing facts, and untold narratives straight from the heart of the wine industry. From engaging discussions with renowned winemakers to in-depth explorations of marketing strategies and sales techniques, they cover it all.

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