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Village Tsinandali, Telavi Municipality, Kakheti, Georgia
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Exploring the rich cultural heritage of Georgia

The mission of SHUMI is to acquaint humanity with the ancient and rich cultural heritage of the world, vines and wine, to share and popularize the historical past, as well as to present the unique food and drinks of Georgia. All this and much more can be found in one place – SHUMI. SHUMI WINERY is the first company in Georgia, which offered customers an eno-gastronomic service.

On a regular basis, SHUMI is the winner in the nomination “BEST AWARD FOR WINE TOURISM” within the framework of the National Tourism Award “WELCOME TO GEORGIA”, receives TripAdvisor awards – “Travelers’ Choice”, the winner in the nomination “THE BEST PLACE FOR GASTRONOMIC REGIONAL TOURISM”. The territory of the SHUMI Tourist Complex is recognized as “the most beautiful place in Georgia”. For the first time in the history of Georgia, SHUMI WINERY became the winner in the nomination “BEST PRACTICE RELATED TO ARCHAEOBOTANY IN WINE TOURISM” at the international competition in Sicily, organized by the Council of Europe.

An incomparable experience of Georgian culture

To date, SHUMI Tourist Complex has no analogues in the world, both in infrastructure, operation and service.  Nowhere else will you find so many examples of Georgian culture gathered in one space as in SHUMI. The Complex is located in the legendary region of Georgian winemaking, in the village of Tsinandali, Kakheti, Georgia and borders the National Park and Museum named after A. Chavchavadze. This land belonged to the kings of Georgia and Kakheti, prince Alexander Chavchavadze, Georgia’s national poet, and served as a part of the summer residence of the Russian Emperor Alexander III.

Explore the Tourist Complex

The Tourist Complex spans ten hectares, with diverse infrastructure and numbers 39 locations, including: the First Wine Museum in Georgia, where some exhibits are 6,000 years old; the First Private Ampelographic Collection in Georgia, which today is considered the largest private collection in the world with more than 2000 grape varieties from 47 different countries and it serves as a basis for scientific research, is included in the list of the FAO; the GENESIS Sculpture – the prototype of the statue of a 300-year-old vine – one of the oldest wine vines in the world grows in a private estate in the village of Tsinandali; the “VINOBIZA” Pavilion where the walls of the pavilion are decorated with frescoes which are painted with “Saperavi” wine and reflect history and culture of Georgia, depict the famous story of the visit of the first “official tourists” to Georgia – the expedition of the Argonauts, about 33 centuries ago; the Georgian Ethnographic Pavilion, where guests can learn about Georgian eno-gastronomic traditions, attend various interesting and fun master classes and other events, participate in the traditional Georgian Supra with toastmaster and polyphonic songs performed by the SHUMI ensemble, take part in various rituals, such as the Qvevri Opening and the Lazarus Ritual; the Wine Cellar&Enoteca, where SHUMI’s wines are made in Qvevri and aged in oak barrels, a cellar vault holding SHUMI’s best; the Decorative Garden, with sculptures made by famous Georgian and international artists; Gestalt House, ZIGU House, Sleepy Miho’s Hut, Griffin Terrace and much more.

With SHUMI, guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with the local life, traditions and rituals of the area, listen to Georgian polyphony, included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultures performed by the SHUMI’s folklore ensemble, take part in the harvesting grapes, stroll through historical places, have lunch and dinner, enjoying the phenomenon of “Tamada” and Georgian toasts.

The Tamada Institute is a Georgian phenomenon: Tamada is the leader of the Georgian Supra (Feast), he is the first to make toasts in various literary forms, enlivens speech with various verses, wise sayings, jokes. Toasts are accompanied by Georgian traditional songs and dances.

Experience authentic Georgian cuisine

Lunch and dinner are available at the SHUMI Winery and Tourist Complex or at one of SHUMI’s biodynamic vineyards in the foothills of the dramatic Caucasus mountains and Picnic in Walnut Grove surrounded by wild nature. The menu reflets a wide range of Georgian dishes prepared from local high-quality ingredients and SHUMI-grown organic products,  such as: grape juice, honey, ancient native Georgian wheat variety “Tsiteli Doli” and others. Many traditional Georgian dishes are cooked over an open fire, and barbecue meat and fish are prepared using a water mill and SHUMI‘s patented technology.

Get acquainted with Georgian traditions

In the Ethnographic pavilion, the guests get acquainted with Georgian eno and gastronomic traditions and take part in the master classes: baking bread from Georgian endemic wheat varieties in tone, making “Tsinandali “ churchkhela according patented technology and recipe, making khinkali making, Gozinaki – Georgian sweet with Kakhetian walnuts and “Alazany Valley” honey, distillating  chacha (Georgian national strong alcoholic beverage), they can join “Rtveli” grape harvest and making wine according to the oldest Georgian technology and many others.

Wide and original selection of tasting packages

SHUMI WINERY offers visitors a wide and original selection of tasting packages: IBERIULI Premium Wine Tasting (one vineyard, one grape variety – two technologies); Saperavi IBERIULI Wines (one grape variety – different microzones); Tasting of BIO Wines; Vegan Wine Tasting; Vertical Tasting of Exclusive SALOME Wine; Chacha Tasting; Brandy Tasting and many others.

SHUMI has a number of inventions and patents. It offers a wide range of Qvevri wines. For example, SHOBILI is a Qvevri sparkling wine, created using patented SHUMI technology, which combines the 8000-year history of Georgian winemaking and the 400-year history of French champagne; BARBALE is the world’s first and only ice wine produced in Qvevri and 102 rare grape varieties from the SHUMI Ampelographic Collection were used to prepare this unique drink.

SHUMI‘s portfolio includes unique wines and beverages that have no analogues in the world, such as: GENESIS is a completely new word in the world of wine, wine is made from grapes of more than 300-year-old vines, which rarely give a harvest. As a sign of respect for the historical vine, SHUMI WINERY erected a monument – a prototype of the statue of this vine on the territory of its Tourist Complex; LAZARE – represents the history of Georgian viticulture and winemaking for more than 80 centuries, more than 450 grape varieties from the SHUMI Ampelographic Collection have been used;  ZIGU is an exclusive drink that has no analogues in the world, created by the patented SHUMI technology and produced from more than 300 rare grape varieties grown in the vineyard of the SHUMI Ampelographic Collection.

The SHUMI Tourist Complex is a favorite place for vacationers, wine lovers and true gourmets, as evidenced by the systematic variety of events: weddings, banquets, corporate evenings. Local and foreign tourists come to SHUMI to get acquainted with the Institute of Georgian Culture, ancient traditions, best wine and Supra (the traditional Georgian feast).

In addition, SHUMI is constantly looking for new information about forgotten and disappeared traditions and reviving them. The best examples of this are: the ritual of the ancient Georgian deity “Lazarus”, which ends with an installation created in the SHUMI Tourist Complex, “Initiation into Kakhetians”, during which the guests: open the Qvevri, plant vines in the collection of the vineyard and participate in the ritual “Lazarus”. The final touch of the Initiation is a present – a unique “Lazarus” wine made from 450 different grape varieties grown in the SHUMI vineyard.

Get acquainted with the legendary ancient traditions of Georgia with SHUMI!


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