Tomas Voltz and Sinisa Curavic: the founders of the project

Tomas Voltz is a writer, who has published more than a dozen books, the last ones also as an app and internet presence .

Sinisa Curavic is a passionate wine lover and expert in wine tourism. He is a member of the facebook #winelover community and the Swedish wine club Munskänkarna. Over the past 11 years, he has organized wine tours in various regions, including Spain, Portugal, France, and Croatia. Before his career in wine tourism, Sinisa worked in the hotel industry, managing operations and projects for international properties.

Establishment of the Wine.Pop project

Tomas Voltz fondly remembers how while driving through the Penedés region and discovering so many amazing wineries he had no idea about. He discovered that there was a lack of information available for these wineries, particularly the smaller and medium-sized ones, as well as for other wine-producing areas in Spain. After conducting thorough research and surveying 250 wineries in Catalunya, Tomas embarked on creating Wine.Pop, a platform that features over 3,000 wineries worldwide.

Share your impressions through the WineCities guid

The creators of WinePop are revamping the platform and introducing WineCities, a comprehensive guide to charming wine cities across Europe that offer rich cultural experiences beyond just visiting wineries. Wine enthusiasts are encouraged to join the community, share travel experiences, and connect with others to enhance their love for wine and its cultural significance. WineCities is available in six languages to promote national and international wine tourism, with a focus on supporting the cultural diversity of cities with a strong presence in wine production. The platform is currently free to use.