Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas The bar. Madrid #147

Spain Madrid
Ferraz, 2, bajo Izquierdo. 28008
reservas@drymartiniorg.com | +34 913 68 88 82

The rebirth

After the incredible success of Dry Martini Barcelona, which became the sixth best bar in the world and the first in Europe, as well as the third best gin bar in the world, the famous bartender Javier de las Muelas, who is a world leader in creation of cocktails, an entrepreneur, visionary, trendsetter, and an art connoisseur, recreated the bar under his brand in Madrid. In fact, the last year witnessed a remake: the bar was opened at a new address, next to Plaza de España, in the beautiful building Casa Gerardo.

Traditions and innovations

The owner of the Dry Martini brand says that this opening is “a new stage for Dry Martini Madrid. After all, novelties are available here, but the style remains. If something works out, you don’t have to keep on innovating”. And, following the Barcelona matrix: you should keep the features of a speakeasy bar – outside the premises of any hotel, which is quite unusual for the establishments seeking popularity among tourists. However, the components of Dry Martini’s success are not related to the hotel brands and locations. Senor Javier comments on his own projections: “We have a regular clientele and a word-of-mouth advertising. Besides, I’m in no rush. And I’m sure that the terrace, which is to open in the spring, will become the hit of the tourist Madrid”.

Art in every sense of the word

The atmosphere at Dry Martini Madrid corresponds to the format of a classic martini bar: brass, crystal, velvet, and leather. It should be emphasized that several paintings from the owner’s collection, which are hanging on the walls, create a special artistic charm. As you know, Javier de las Muelas is not only a genius bartender – developer of revolutionary approaches in the art of bartending, but also an avid collector. His collection includes works by Miquel Barceló, Keith Haring, Romero Britto, Mel Ramos, and Carlos Saura. And Jorge Diezma’s still life adorns the ten-meter long bar counter of the new place in Madrid (incidentally, its black lacquer coating is an allusion to the bar in Gimlet (1982), Javier’s first bar). Several more canvases related to Martini’s world are displayed on the walls of this 90-seat place.
For experienced tourists, the bar offers a wide menu of cocktails, including such exotic positions as Wasabi Mule. But it goes without saying that Dry Martini runs the show here. Both in the perfect and sophisticated classic version, as well as in the vintage and new-fashioned versions of the famous cocktail: Mezcaltini, Bamboo or Martínez.
It should be emphasized that cocktails from Javier de las Muelas are a real performance for wine tourists – guests of Madrid. Among the most spectacular “show stoppers”, for the sake of which one should definitely come here, our reviewers would distinguish “La pipa”, The Fugu and The Carnyvore cocktail – where a mix is poured into an exotic carnivorous plant.
A cherry (or, to be more precise, a fish egg) on top of the pairing: the bar offers five types of caviar – Persicus, Beluga, Iranian Osetra, smoked Osetra 00 and Amur Osetra, which are recommended to be accompanied by five cocktails specially designed for that purpose.