Tenuta Manoylo #136

Via Molino n.11 63826 Moresco (FM)
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TIME & Wine

There are places in this world where time flows differently. Some are closer than we might think, some are just waiting to be discovered. The landscape surrounding the medieval village of Moresco, in the middle of the Marche region, is one of those places.

This is where Tenuta Manoylo first made its wine, where it produces its oil and where it discovered a new way of embracing time. Slower, calmer, more focused on what is relevant, connected to what matters the most.

The "Vulcanelli" - a gift from the land

The unique characteristics of the land chosen for making Manoylo’s wine are celebrated every step of the way, even exploring new materials for wine refinement. The company is studying special vessels made by Italian artisans from the clay erupted from the local “vulcanelli” (or mud volcanoes).

Amphoras were used by the Greeks and Romans to transport food and wine, and archaeological finds along the River Aso testify to this activity. Our amphoras, made from clay from Monteleone Fermano, are used for wine fermentation and ageing, endowing it with typical local characteristics thanks to the porosity of the clay, which allows for slight oxygenation.

The Estate: a perfect encounter

Tenuta Manoylo’s vineyards unfurl over the picturesque hills surrounding the medieval village of Moresco and the River Aso Here, between the mountains and the sea, the climate with its mild springs and autumns and its hot summers mitigated by the Adriatic, is particularly favourable for growing grapevines.

The vineyard has been designed with the respect to the environment and with an idea of supporting biodiversity. The most recent technologies are implementing at every step of winemaking cycle in order to reduce carbon dioxide footprint, reuse water and conserve energy. Tenuta Manoylo’s global approach is based on ongoing research and innovation, while upholding a traditional, or even ancient, winemaking technique.

Timeless wines from ancient Rome to nowadays

Tenuta Manoylo’s wines were created to showcase the products of a terroir, that, since the times of Picenum and Ancient Rome, has been devoted to the production of fine wines and oils, famous throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. Today, by combining innovative technologies with ancient winemaking traditions, Tenuta Manoylo’s wines offer those who savour them the unique taste of these places suspended in time.

Try the wines of Marche

The first line of wines to come from the vineyards of Tenuta Manoylo is a tribute to the slow pace of village life. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we grant ourselves the luxury of rediscovering taste and pleasure through wine and the way it is made. Tenuta Manoylo offers the chance to taste wines in a setting. Discover the flavours of this terroir through Tenuta Manoylo’s customer experiences.

1/ Passo del Borgo Marche IGT Passerina (from an ancient and traditional Marche grape variety).

2) Falerio DOC Pecorino ( autochthonous variety from the Marche region).

3) Sangiovese

The high class performance of these wines was added by the participation in their creation of the talented oenologist Luigi Costantini. This is one of the most authoritative winemakers in Italy, the president of Assoenology Marche. He was born in the Marche region and has been working exclusively with local wines for 45 years. By joining forces with the owners of Tenuta Manoylo and the unique data of the terroir, Luigi Costantini managed to create a pool of brilliant wines at this winery, which today are offered both on the international market and for tasting to curious tourists.