Cloudy Bay #93

New Zealand;
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«Quality is our obsession!»

Each vintage of the winery is always a masterpiece and such a high quality is a testament to the great vineyards. But beyond the quality of the wines, the winery team cares most about protecting this place they call home, which means you love it with all your heart and where every corner is precious. Cloudy Bay is a founding member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand. The winery has two locations: Marlborough and Central Otago. In Central Otago, vineyards are farmed organically. Selected Estate blocks in Marlborough are trialing organic practices to roll out across the remaining vineyards. The main slogan of Cloudy Bay team is «Quality is our obsession».

Sunny Treasures of Cloudy Bay

The winery was founded in 1985 by David Hohnen and Kevin Judd. Their first Sauvignon Blanc received international recognition and put New Zealand wine on the map. Cloudy Bay joined Veuve Clicquot in 1990 and in 2003 became part of the LVMH family.

Starting its journey in Marlborough with Sauvignon Blanc today the winery possesses such treasures as: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pelorus méthode traditionnelle,  Te Koko, a barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc, and Te Wahi, a sophisticated Central Otago Pinot Noir from the two special southern vineyards.

It's better to see and try once than to hear a hundred times

In order to understand a wine, you need to visit the place where it is produced, meet the people who make it, see their eyes full of passion and feel their devoted hearts. Cloudy Bay welcomes tourists to Marlborough and Central Otago.

Marlborough is home to Cloudy Bay

Sunny Marlborough is home to Cloudy Bay winery and Cellar Door. Surrounded by the Richmond Ranges (which inspired its label), it’s a spectacular place to relax. In Marlborough it farms 163 parcels of vines and 65 grower blocks. Marlborough’s soils vary slightly depending on the proximity to the Wairau River, being rockier and sandier in some places and heavier and clayier in others. But they all pair perfectly with the region’s maritime climate, setting the stage for Cloudy Bay’s charming wine style.

During their visit to the Marlborough winery, wine lovers will be treated to wine tasting and a unique lunch.

  • December-April: Jack’s Raw Bar is open seven days a week. This place is known for its fresh oysters, raw food and vibrant sharing dishes.
  • May-November: Hot lunches and shared meals. Thursday through Monday (limited food offerings Tuesday and Wednesday) at the Cellar Door. Ideally  to pass the time during the New Zealand winter.

Central Otago

There are two vineyards here. Calvert in Bannockburn, with its loamy, silty soils and gentle slopes, produces wines with deep tannins and silky textures. Northburn’s rocky, glacial soils and steep slopes produce structured, intense wines.

The luxurious Cloudy Bay Shed cellar and restaurant is located between Northburn vineyard and Lake Dunstan, near Cromwell. In addition to luxurious wines, the tasting is famous for the local cuisine. In summer, the open spaces with breathtaking views are ideal for relaxing. In winter, the warmth from burning fireplaces will create comfort and envelop you in a homely atmosphere.