Wines of Armenia #64


Stay up-to-date with the Armenian wine tourism app

To promote Armenia as a wine tourism destination, a mobile application has been developed for iOS and Android devices. The trilingual mobile application is designed for visiting tourists and local consumers to receive the latest news of the wine sector, upcoming events, to provide booking opportunities at wineries and gastronomes, as well as for general wine education. The app utilizes branding elements of the “Wines of Armenia” umbrella brand, such as the logo, name and fonts, so that consumers can identify the product and navigate seamlessly through online and offline marketing channels.

Convenient wine tourism

The mobile application includes sections on wineries, gastronomes, wine novelties and events, and gives the possibility to book a visit of wine producers. Reservations can be made by selecting/time and number of guests wishing to visit a location. The request of the wine producer, and if confirmed, the guests are approved in the application.

Armenian experience: food and wine pairing

In addition, in order to increase wine consumption within the country and to familiarize consumers with wine culture, the appendix presents a food and wine pairing section, in which more than 240 dishes (which can be found in the country) are paired with wines of Armenia. . For this purpose, the menus of the most popular restaurants were analyzed and the dishes, as well as wine varieties and grape varieties, were selected. A pairing exercise was conducted with professional food and beverage specialists and sommeliers, during which the latter evaluated each dish and recommended up to 5 wines of Armenia. The results of the food and wine pairings (48,000 inputs in total) were analyzed and matches were provided to the app developer to match the dishes with the most frequently paired wines recommended in the mobile app.

Wineries and gastronomes can be filtered by region in Armenia, with three levels of detailed information provided with visuals. Armenian wines can be filtered by grape variety, price, popularity, etc. Notifications are divided into events and news, and can be turned on/off to make it more convenient for users. Users are also provided with the sought-after dark mode option with the ability to synchronize with gadget settings.

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