Wines of Romania introduces the world to Romanian wine

“Wines of Romania” is a private project aimed at developing and promoting Romanian wine both at home and abroad. The project, founded by Marinela Ardelean, wine expert and co-organiser of the RO-WINE festival, is a digital universe dedicated to local wines, wine lovers, buyers, producers and investors.

The Wines of Romania team is made up of wine experts, journalists, marketing and communication specialists with the same goal – to present Romanian wine to the world, to increase its visibility and to support Romanian producers. Wines of Romania offers partners various activities through which they can develop new business/export opportunities.

Regions, varieties and awards

The main wine producing regions of the country are: Transylvania, Dobrudja, Moldova, Muntenia, Oltenia, Banat, Maramures and Crisana. The area of vineyards in Romania is about 300,000 hectares, where 129 varieties are grown, of which 59 are domestic. The most common are Feteasca Regala (over 12,000 ha), Feteasca Alba (11,930 ha), Feteasca Niagre (3,300 ha), Rosioara – over 2,600 ha, Babeasca Niagre (2,500 ha) and Tamayoasa Romaneasca (1,750 ha). In 2023, Romanian wines won more than 500 medals in international competitions.

Wines of Romania – a multifaceted universe

Romania is among the world’s largest vineyard areas and is one of the largest wine producers in the world. Today, there are about 500 wineries in Romania.

Wines of Romania introduces the country’s wineries, grape varieties (both local and international), wine regions, and introduces enologists and winemakers. The project website is actually a multifaceted universe containing a treasure trove of information about Romanian winemaking.

Currently, Wines of Romania has ten official partners: Carrefour, Averesti Estate, SERVE Winery, VINTRUVIAN Estate with Viticola Sarica Niculitel/Caii de la Letea and DeMatei Winery, Domeniul Bogdan, Gramofon Wine, Jidvei, AVINCIS Winery and BioSystems.