Charitable Gastro Dinners #139

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Charity addressed to Ukraine

The Association of Culinary Chefs of Ukraine and the community of Chefs from Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Azerbaijan, and Georgia have joined together to hold a series of charity gastro dinners with a humanitarian mission, in particular to support Ukraine. To date, 10 such events have already been held in the cities of 4 European countries, namely: Nürnberg (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Opole (Poland), Fulda (Germany) and 6 cities of Ukraine. Every time, in every place, the work of the chefs finds a response – they receive great support from local and international brands.

A significant number of partners, sponsors and simply caring people who want to help Ukraine have already joined the cause. Thanks to Gastro Dinners, 434,198 thousand dollars were collected, as well as cars, generators, hundreds of kilograms of food. At least six more Gastro Dinners are planned in the near future, and the organizers invite partners to join this noble mission.

Ukrainian with an author's presentation

Since Ukraine is at the center of the topic, the dishes of the Gastro Dinner are, as a rule, dishes of the national cuisine. And thanks to the fact that the organizers are a professional association of chefs, the entire dinner menu receives an author’s interpretation: for example, steamed dumplings with porcini mushrooms, or seltzer with Transcarpathian trout and caviar. Of course, there are local wines and national drinks – craft tinctures and liqueurs. Among the latter, there are very original ones that impress the most knowledgeable connoisseurs: pear-orange-lemon with dried fruits on vodka, watermelon-berry on vodka, apple with spices and honey on whiskey, etc. Andrii Magaletskyi, President of the Association of Culinary Chefs of Ukraine, calls on professional communities and international brands, all those who care about the survival of democracy in the world, to visit Gastro Dinners and join the organization of charitable events.

Unique lots of Gastro Dinners

Each dinner is accompanied by an auction, where guests have the opportunity to purchase exclusive lots: boxing gloves of the world heavyweight champion Vitaliy Klitschko; the flag of Ukraine, signed by Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Sean Penn; a photo portrait with the signature of the ex-commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny; a jubilee medal-coin, minted in Washington, with the theme of Ukraine; a stamp “Russian warship…” with the signature of the author of the legendary phrase; a T-shirt of the Ukrainian football club “Shakhtar” and a ball of the football club “Dynamo Kyiv”, signed by the team’s players; photos of the entire Dynamo Kyiv squad of 2023 with signatures of 17 players and many other interesting things. Every time it is something very unusual.