Teresa Colaço do Rosário #158

+49 151 190 060 53 | teresacolacodorosario@gmail.com

Dedicated advocate for Portuguese wines

Teresa Colaço do Rosário, originally from Évora, has made her mark in the wine industry through her passion and expertise. Having resided in Germany for over 25 years and holding a prestigious PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Teresa promotes Portuguese Wines on the global stage.


She offers insightful consultations on Portuguese wines and international markets. Her expertise extends to serving as a juror at international wine competitions, providing trade consulting services, and offering tips to wine producers on various aspects of branding, pricing, and sales strategy.


Events Hosted by Teresa offer a diverse range of experiences that cater to both wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. These includes engaging wine tastings, organizing wine fairs and festivals, and even hosting literary wine events, wine-paired dinners. Additionally, she conducts workshops and seminars on wine marketing, viticulture economics, and sensory analysis, providing comprehensive training opportunities both in-person and virtually.

Teresa’s services also encompass market research, terroir exploration, consumer studies, and taste testing.

For those seeking immersive experiences in the world of wine, Teresa specializes in organizing, planning, and conducting wine tours that offer a blend of education, cultural exploration, and, of course, exceptional wine tasting experiences.