The Wine School. World of Wine (WOW) #167

Rua do Choupelo, 39 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto
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WOW! The Wine School

The Wine School, at the cultural and educational district WOW, is a school with unique opportunities. It gives visitors the chance to receive quite serious education about wine, combining studies with travel to one of the most beautiful wine countries in the world!

Demystify Wine

Adrian Bridge, founder and CEO of WOW, emphasizes the educational mission of the center and the comprehensive approach to studying such a fascinating subject as wine. For wine lovers, curious connoisseurs, and professionals in the sector, WOW’s Wine School provides wine courses for all degrees of interest and knowledge. The Wine School aims to demystify wine to everyone!

Wide range of offers

With training rooms, testing rooms and a kitchen, this is the ideal place to learn everything about wine (especially, but not exclusively, Portuguese): how to know, differentiate and choose, how to pair with dishes and snacks, and other subjects.

The academic program includes introductory courses, commented tests and themed workshops. The objective is to gradually intensify the frequency and degree of demand of courses, providing more in-depth training, namely through courses in partnership with internationally recognized educational institutions.

Different levels of expertise

Each training is carefully designed to meet different interests and levels of expertise. From the basic steps of tasting a wine, to advanced sommelier techniques, there is always new learning to discover – always in an informal and relaxed environment.

The Wine School offers Levels 1 and 2 of the WSET wine certification, in Portuguese and in English. As well as its wine educators developed a module entirely dedicated to Portuguese wine: PWS can, therefore, complete the WSET course, for an even more comprehensive learning.


WOW, big and diverse district

WOW, one of the largest Portugal tourism attractions, opened its doors on 31st July 2020, in the middle of Covid Pandemic. It is a huge new cultural district where everyone is welcome. In the historic heart of Vila Nova de Gaia, just a short distance from the center of Porto and the Douro River, WOW pays homage to culture, history and Portugal’s main industries.

Cultural and tourist hub in Porto

WOW includes six museums: The Wine Experience, Planet Cork, Porto Region Across the Ages, The Bridge Collection, Pink Palace and The Chocolate Story, as well as the Wine School, bars, restaurants and shops.  WOW’s mission is to reinforce Porto’s cultural and historical values, as well as enhance the region’s opportunities in major economic activities, such as wine, industry, and heritage, including increasing tourists’ foot traffic in a sustainable way.