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wine and food bloggers, journalists from Central, Northern and Eastern Europe, USA, Australia, South and North America, China, Singapore, India, etc.

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wine producing countries
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The Voting System FAQ

How does the Wine Travel Awards voting system work?

The Wine Travel Awards voting system is an annual review of the opinions and experiences of international enogastronomic tourism experts and people who are simply passionate about this topic. This system is offered by the international Drinks+ Media Group which has almost 30 years of experience in the field. At the same time, it is important that, unlike many well-deserved awards operating in the world, the Wine Travel Awards is not a rating in the direct sense of the word. Every nominee who has declared their desire to interact with the WTA community is important to us. And our task is not just to identify the best, but to talk about everyone who contributes to the progress in this area.

How does the voting take place?

The awards’ winners are determined in two stages. In January 2022, an advertising campaign for the awards will start, aimed at attracting wine lovers of the world and professionals to vote, and in February, a voting function will open for users of the website winе According to the voting results, summed up at the end of March 2022, five nominees of each category, that reached the final, are considered by a jury of the awards, consisting of 12 reputable professionals in such industries as winemaking, food tourism, marketing, journalism. The selection takes place within a 10-point system according to the unified Wine Travel Awards protocols.

Who can vote for the Wine Travel Awards nominees?

Everyone who is passionate about the topic of wine and gastronomic tourism has the right to vote – both professionals and amateurs from any country in the world.

How can one vote?

It’s simple! You need to select a category in one of six nominations, familiarize yourself with the profiles of the nominees presented in this category and click the Vote button on the page of the nominee you like.

Voting rules

  • Until the announcement of the Winners of the voting and the Award Winners, the data on voting and the work of the jury is strictly confidential.
  • It is allowed to vote simultaneously for several candidates in different nominations – one vote for each from one device.
  • Jury members are not allowed to vote for companies they own or have a financial interest in and are asked to confirm this fact for each of the nominations.

The WTA, its subcontractors, subsidiaries and / or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with the internet connectivity or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded.

WTA Jury

Robert Joseph
British wine expert, consultant, producer, an editorial consultant for Meininger's Wine Business International

Robert Joseph is a British wine expert, consultant, producer, an editorial consultant for Meininger’s Wine Business International, a wine journalist of London Sunday Telegraph. Mr Joseph is аn author of 27 wine books, including the bible for the world wine travelers – Wine Travel Guide, French Wines, Bordeaux and its Wines and The Complete Encyclopedia of Wine. He also founded the International Wine Challenge and built it into the world’s biggest wine competition. Decanter magazine named him as one of the 50 people who would influence wine drinking in the 21st century.


Dr. Ricardo Nunez
Head of the international group of companies Vinos de La Luz

Dr. Ricardo Nunez, Head of the international group of companies Vinos de La Luz, which unites wineries in Spain, Italy, Argentina and the United States. He was born in Argentina. As a grandson and son of winemakers, he grew up in the vineyards of the Andean Cordilleras and explored every corner of the Uco Valley. Dr. Nunez is an investor participating in the development of the wine-growing market of Ukraine, also thanks to his new company Wine Gallery. Mr. Nunez currently plans the production of his own products on the territory of Ukraine.


Felicity Carter
Executive Editor, Pix+ Special Projects

Felicity Carter, Executive Editor at Pix, was previously Editor-in-Chief of Meininger’s Wine Business International, the world’s only global wine business magazine. Her work has appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers, and The Guardian USA, among others. Based in Europe, she is an international wine judge and speaker. Felicity has also written several non-wine books and worked as a freelance romance novel editor, where her main editorial note was “this is not physically possible”.

Fiona Morrison
MW, Managing Director of Thienpont Wine

Fiona Morrison, MW, Managing Director of Thienpont Wine, an international wine merchant and négociant and with her husband, Jacques Thienpont, runs their three Bordeaux estates, Le Pin in Pomerol, L’IF in Saint Emilion and L’Hêtre in Castillon. 

Per Karlsson
Co-founder and wine writer of BKWine Magazine

Per Karlsson, a co-founder and wine writer of BKWine Magazine, one of the world’s leading wine tour operators, a co-author of eleven wine books (including “Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture”), an internationally awarded, professional wine and travel photographer.

Philippe Massol
General Director of the unique and pioneering project – La Cité du Vin

Philippe Massol, General Director of the unique and pioneering project – La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. He was at the origins of the creation of the museum of the same name in Bordeaux. He got marketing education and a diploma from the University of Poitiers. He has extensive experience in the consulting business, as well as in the development of tourist destinations.

Olga Bussinello
Private entrepreneur, brand consultant, legal consultant for food and wine companies

Olga Bussinelloa private entrepreneur, brand consultant, legal consultant for food and wine companies. For ten years, she worked as a Director of the Consorzio per la Tutela Vini Valpolicella (Italy). She holds a law degree. Ms. Bussinello dealt with economic issues in several sectors, in particular in the food industry.


Einat Klein
Journalist, photographer, historian, professional traveller.

Einat Klein, a journalist, photographer, historian, professional traveller, guide to the Middle East and Africa, wine expert and wine producer (Israel). She studied the Middle East at Bar-Ilan University. Founder of Travel Lab Ethiopia. Owner and founder of Vino & Co, a company that organizes regular educational tastings.

Gergely Szolnoki
Professor of Market Research at Geisenheim University

Gergely Szolnoki, Professor of Market Research at Geisenheim University (Germany) and honorary professor of Wine and Beverage Management & Marketing at the University of West Attica (Athens/Greece). His research fields cover consumer behaviour, communication and social media, organic wines, market analysis and wine tourism. In addition to his scientific activities, Gergely is a delegated expert in the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) in the fields of wine economics and statistics.

Saverio Savio
Leader of projects funded by the European Union

Saverio Savio, a leader of projects funded by the European Union and aimed at the development of integration processes in the region. In particular, for three years, he headed a team of specialists who supported the Development of a Geographical Indications system in Ukraine. Currently, he is a leader of the project group working on the termination of the use of the name “cognac” for products originating in Armenia and the development of a new name of brandy in Armenia.

Linkedin: Saverio Savio

Stéphane Badet
Lecturer at ISVV – Institute of Vine and Wine Science at the University of Bordeaux

Stéphane Badet, a lecturer at ISVV – Institute of Vine and Wine Science at the University of Bordeaux, one of the world’s leading educational institutions, as well as a lecturer at such a prestigious university as EPL Bordeaux. He specializes in wine economy, industry management, business, marketing and tourism for many years, has extensive experience as an expert and consultant in various cooperation and sustainable development programs in the field of winemaking around the world, together with Interco NA, FAO, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of France, French and German embassies.

Maximilian Tafel
AMBITO project

Maximilian Tafel, an enologist by profession, studied International Wine Business at Geisenheim University and the University of Giessen. Having gained practical experience in the wine industry, he wrote his dissertation on tourism in the wine-growing regions of Germany. He currently works for the AMBITO project which aims to strengthen biodiversity in the wine-growing regions of Germany.

Nominations 2021-2022

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