Britt Karlsson & Per Karlsson: impact on the world of wine

Per Karlsson and Britt Karlsson are a dynamic and talented couple who have had a huge impact on the world of wine and tourism. Together in 2004 they founded BKWine AB, a company specialising in wine writing and wine tours, which has since become one of the world’s leading wine tour operators.

Per, together with Britt, has co-authored 11 books on wine, covering a wide range of topics, from technical topics such as winemaking and viticulture, to regional wines and guides to wine course literature. . books have won numerous literary awards from Gourmand International, OIV-International Organisation for Wine and Wines, the Swedish Academy of Gastronomy and others.

Wine tours

Among other things, BKWine organises high-quality wine and gastronomic tours to the world’s most beautiful wine regions and shares their passion for great wine and great food. Each year BKWine organises around 30 wine tours to wine regions around the world. Whatever your level of interest and knowledge of wine, BKWine Wine Tours welcomes you.

They organised their first wine tour in 1986, long before wine tourism became fashionable. Their tours have been praised in many media outlets, including being voted “Best Wine Tours in the World” by Travel+Leisure Magazine, ” a leader in their field” by USA Today, AOL Travel listed BKWine as one of the “Top Ten Wine Tours”. tasting holidays ” and much more.

BKWine offers two types of wine tours

  1. Scheduled tours: check out our regularly updated wine travel programme and sign up for the dates that suit you. These tours will take you to popular wine destinations as well as hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Typically scheduled tours last four nights and three full days and can be the perfect long weekend getaway or an extension to a luxury week. Longer tours to more remote locations are also available.
    2.Customised Tours: Customised tours are for those looking for unique experiences that are not found in a regular scheduled programme. Whether it is a non-traditional destination, a private luxury wine tour, a client event, a corporate team building event or an educational wine tasting tour to enhance specific areas of wine knowledge, our customised wine tours cater to individual preferences and requirements.

    The 2024 programme includes tours to renowned wine destinations such as South Africa, New Zealand, Champagne and Bordeaux, Chile and Argentina. Britt and Per organise tours in English for wine travellers from all over the world and in Swedish for Scandinavian wine lovers. You can meet and book their tours in English at and tours in Swedish at . “