Marinela Ardelean #122

As a leading authority in the wine and spirits industry, Marinela Ardelean brings both deep expertise and a fresh perspective to create meaningful results with my clients.Nominations 2023-2024/Wine & Food Influencer/The Brightest Journey/

Navigating a Promising Future for Romanian Wines

Marinela Ardelean is known as an executive MBA and PhD in Marketing. Despite growing up in the stunning Maramures region in Transylvania, her passion for wine and spirits flourished while living in Italy, now her second home. Inspired by her deep love for Italian culture, a genuine feast for the soul, Marinela authored her first book. This award-winning publication, written in both languages, ingeniously paired lesser-known Romanian wines with dishes from fine Italian cuisine. A pioneer in its domain, it was the first book to harmonize the wines of one country with the food of another. As her influence expanded globally, so did her professional accolades. Notably, she received the prestigious title of Dame Chevalier in the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne—an exceptional honor. Additionally, the Italian Chef Academy selected her among the top experts in the Italian food and wine sector to lead professional development courses in sensory analysis and wine and food pairings. These achievements reflect her ongoing collaboration with the best in the industry.

Exemplifying Leadership through Unwavering Experience & Excellence

Marinela established unique standards for success in a predominantly male-dominated industry, distinguishing herself through actions infused with integrity, creativity, and empathy. The outcomes of Marinela’s efforts were evident as she collaborated with clients to formulate innovative strategies, distinctive communications, reviews for wines and spirits, and unparalleled events. In 2021, Marinela reached a new pinnacle of professional success by completing her PhD in Marketing.

Architect of a Brilliant Future for Romanian Wines

In contemplating Marinela’s forthcoming goals for growth and influence, she takes pride in observing the continuous rise in the number of Romanian wineries prioritizing quality. Noteworthy is the increasing count of labels that contribute to Romania’s recognition on the global stage. Serving as a driving force for Romanian wines, Marinela actively enhances their standing and contributes to their equitable positioning among Europe’s finest, alongside France and Italy.

Fueled by this purpose, she authored her initial book, followed by four more, all spotlighting the reinvigorated local wine industry. Rooted in Marinela’s extensive research and unwavering belief in the quality of Romanian wines, she conceptualized the idea for RO-Wine, The International Wine Festival of Romania. In pursuit of this vision, she identified outstanding co-founders with whom to bring this concept to fruition.

Marinela Ardelean is honored to be a recipient of many world-known awards and distinctions:

  • Awarded for excellence at the CONAF Gala “Women in Economy – Day by day Heroes” in 2023
  • Speaker at TEDx Cornișa Women in Târgu Mureș, Romania in 2022
  • Winner of “The Active Role in Society” Award in 2019
  • Honorary Member, Baia Mare Rotary Club, Romania in 2019
  • Winner of the “Special Projects” Award at the Romanian Values Gala in 2017
  • Second Place, Gourmand Drinks Awards in 2015
  • Winner of “Best Romanian Sommelier” Award in 2014
  • Holds a PhD in Marketing, Executive MBA, and various certifications in wine and busine