Wine Future-2023 is the main event of the year in the wine industry


On November 7-9, Coimbra (Portugal) will host an event that will gather more than 60 experts from the international wine sector. Tickets for this stellar wine congress can be purchased on the Wine Future official website.

Communication media group Drinks+ and WTA are pleased to announce that they have become information partners of WineFuture-2023 and announce a long and fruitful cooperation with this great congress.

Wine Future 2023 will bring together the most influential and respected names in the wine world, including Dr. Laura Catena, famous wine critics and wine writers – Robert Joseph, Nobel laureate Sir Christopher Pissarides and many of the most relevant and the most influential experts from all areas of the wine industry.

This year, the visitors of Wine Future will be able to take part in the Green Wine Future event. The main topics are: the current state of the wine industry, the attraction of new consumers (millennials and Gen Z), work in an unstable economy, overcoming competition from “alternative drinks”, growing sales in unstable times (new strategies and trends) and many other.

During the conference guests will have the opportunity to participate in iconic wine tastings:

  • Icon Wines of Portugal, presented by Dirceu Vianna Jr. MW;
  • The Magnificent 12, under the patronage of Mark Squires;
  • Legendary Madeira & Port, hosted by Richard Mayson.

We are proud to announce that our outstanding Ukrainian winery Shabo, as the winner of the WTA award 2022-2023 in the Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country category, will present its special selection of the cult wine Vazha of the 2014 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon – family heritage Iukuridze.

This year’s guest of the congress, a real rock star – the Iron Maiden frontman Paul Bruce Dickinson will share his rich experience as a musician and businessman. He will explain how the challenges of working in seemingly disparate fields like rock music and commercial aviation mirror the same challenges that the wine business world faces every day.

Please come from November 7 to 9 to the impressive Convento de Sao Francisco in the beautiful historic city of Coimbra.

! You can buy a ticket for this stellar wine congress here.

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The full program can be viewed here.