Vinos de La Luz gives the green light to wine & food influencers for free WTA nomination


International winegrowing group Vinos de La Luz became the WTA Sponsor of the Wine & Food Influencer for the second consecutive year contributing also to the prize fund of this nomination. Personalities working in the wine and spirits tourism field have a chance to get nominated free of charge. 

Vinos de La Luz is an international winegrowing group with its own production wineries offering unique quality in the outstanding regions of the old and new worlds: Ribera del Duero, Peñafiel (Spain), Tuscany, Siena (Italy), Uco Valley, Mendoza (Argentina), Santa María, California, (United States). 

According to Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez, the owner of the company and WTA Jury member, supporting wine & food influencers, journalists and bloggers becomes a kind of a mission for Vinos de La Luz as the work and activities they do in the wine industry are very important. We can consider them opinion leaders who convey important information to consumers about wine and beverages, tell their audiences about experiences in wine tourism, and create awareness among professionals and consumers about different regions and destinations, etc. That is why their participation in the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 and joining this progressive community are crucial.

Moreover, Vinos de La Luz not only undertakes the mission of ensuring free entrance of wine & food influencers to the second edition of WTA, but also acts as a Fund Prize Sponsor for the winners of this nomination. On behalf of Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez, according to the results of the the 2022-2023 awards, the first prize – 1000 euros – will be awarded to the WTA winner in the Wine & Food Influencer nomination, who will get the highest points from the panel of judges. Two other winners of the nomination determined by the jury will receive 500 euros each.

The company has a solid portfolio of reputable wineries and wine brands, and is represented by experienced and talented director international brand ambassadors all over the world. This year, among nominees of from Vinos de La Luz are wineries Bodega La Luz del Vino (Argentina), Bodega Luce de La Luz (Italy), Bodega La Luz de Rueda and Bodega La Luz del Duero (Spain) in the Must Visit category, as well as DNA brand of the company Callejón del Crimen (Argentina) in Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country. Nataliia Burlachenko,  Director International Brand Ambassador of Vinos de La Luz, is a nominee in the Brightest Journey and Ambassador of the Year categories. 

Make sure you check these profiles as you can find lots of interesting facts and exciting details about Vinos de La Luz life! Join the WTA community!