Franc & Franc 2022 will take place in Villány on 25–26 November


The Wine Travel Awards Voting Winner in Enogastronomic Events nomination Magnet of the Region category of 2021-2022 Campaign Franc & Franc Forum and Tasting Day will take place in Villány (Hungary) on 25–26 November.

That is going to be the 7th edition of the event where professionals and winelovers may get a deep insight into the different styles of Cabernet Franc with tastings conducted by Peter McCombie MW (New Zealand / UK) and Pasi Ketolainen MW (Finnland) from the Loire valley to Argentina

During the first day Top 12 Villányi Franc – the best scored wines of the first Franc du Monde international wine contest – is going to be tasted be participants.

On the 26th of November guests can have the opportunity to visit cellars of the region and taste at least 40 Cabernet Franc wines. 

Tickets are still available for both days.

Franc du Monde international wine contest was held in summer 2022 for the first time. At the first edition there were 101 entries from 8 countries: France, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Argentina and certainly Hungary. 

The wines were judged by renowned international wine experts including Master of Wines. Due to the rigorous rules of the contest only 30% of the wines could receive medals, thus all of the 12 wines below received more than 89.2 points – thus at the same times these are the gold winner wines of the contest.

Due to the WTA rules Franc & Franc Forum and Tasting Day has automatically became the nominee of the 2022-2023 campaign since the forum was among the winners of the public vote.

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