Franc & Franc Forum and Tasting Day #76

Hungary Villány
7800 Siklós, Felszabadulás u. 80

Villányi Franc - the flagship of the Villány wine region

Cabernet Franc is an international variety, but it rarely appears as a single varietal wine and then only in a few wine regions. It has a special place in the Villány wine region, where it has found its natural home, so the variety has become one of the wine region’s key varieties.

Thanks to the unique terroir, climate and creative winemakers of the wine region, wines produced from 100% Cabernet Franc – in the premium and super premium categories – are called Villányi Franc. We are honoured to have this elegant wine as the flagship of the wine region.

How did the idea of Franc & Franc come into being?

We would like to learn more about the variety as well as the wine regions and the winemakers working with it. At the same time, we’d also like the world to become better acquainted with our wines, which is how the idea of Franc & Franc came into being. As a sign of the Villány wine region’s cooperation, we organised the first Franc&Franc International Conference and Tasting Day in 2015, when we hosted producers of Loire Cabernet Franc and their wines.

The chronology of the event

In 2016, we added another chapter to the history of Villányi Franc, by inviting European winemakers from Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, who believe in the Cabernet Franc variety and make single-varietal wine from it.

In 2017, we discussed another important issue. The most important and significant market for Hungarian wines is Hungary, so the Hungarian wine market came under scrutiny.

In 2018, the world was wide open. Villány hosted Cabernet Franc wines, producers and international experts from California, Chile and South Africa, to enable a more complete picture of where the world stands, and where Villány stands.

In 2019, the year’s main theme was the wine region: the wine-growing landscape, the soil, the climate, the harvest time, the people, everything that makes up terroir.

In 2021, we wanted to do a big review to prepare for our next big project, the International Cabernet Franc Competition, the Franc Du Monde, in summer 2022.

The Forum was held in the Conference Hall at Bock Winery. In addition to the usual presentations, this year visitors had the opportunity to taste classic, premium and super premium Cabernet Francs from Villány, with the interpretation of professionally recognized experts. Additionally, samples from major European and New World styles were presented by two Master of Wines. The search continued from last year to reveal the secret of the special Villány terroir. Within the framework of an exciting experiment, guests were experiencing the effect various “green works” in the vineyard have had on the wines. Guests also gain an insight into the gastronomy of the Villány Wine Region through a tasting.

The day after the Forum was the Tasting Day. While touring the wine cellars of Villány guests could taste the latest selection of Villány Francs by the producers themselves. The local wines were accompanied by other European cabernet francs and New World wines and wine producers. At least 40 producers showcased their wines from the Villány Wine Region.

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