CULT WINE BLUE NUN relaunch presented at the Wine Travel Awards First Ceremony in London


The cult wine BLUE NUN celebrates its 100th vintage with an impressive relaunch and a new portfolio that was presented at the Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022 Ceremony at the London Wine Fair.

As part of the First Wine Travel Awards Ceremony in London, the London Wine Fair hosted a tasting of Blue Nun wines by F.W. Langguth Erben: Blue Nun Authentic White, Blue Nun Authentic Pink, Blue Nun Sparkling 24K Gold Edition. 

Blue Nun wines were also presented at the joint Drinks+ and Wine Travel Awards Stand during the three days of the exhibition. F.W. Langguth Erben has the status of German National Sponsor of the Awards.

The new portfolio, with a focus on authenticity

“Blue Nun” began its triumphal march 100 years ago as Liebfraumilch. Meanwhile, it has become a cult wine brand that delights wine drinkers around the globe with fruity and dry wines, as well as sparkling wine varieties.

The “New Authentic Blends” are at the heart of the brand, with Authentic White and Authentic Rose. They combine the strengths of different grape varieties and origins to create a unique taste profile that characterises Blue Nun. For instance, for the “Authentic White”, the Blue Nun winemakers blend Riesling from Germany, Chardonnay from Italy, Muscat from Hungary, and the autochthonous grape variety, Airen, from Spain. The new portfolio is complemented by three white and three rose wines, in addition to the best-selling “24K” sparkling wines, crowned with gold flakes, which shine in a new Paula Scher splendour, just like the entire portfolio.

The new Blue Nun collection is available in 90 countries and presents the iconic wine brand in a refreshingly different way even after 100 years!

The new look by New York star designer, Paula Scher

On the occasion of the Blue Nun‘s 100th anniversary, Paula Scher, a well-known New York designer, who is responsible for the logos of Tiffany & Co, Rolls Royce and CitiBank, to mention but a few, has developed a new, iconic and distinctive Blue Nun packaging. With a hint of Art Deco and a sophisticated modernisation of the Blue Nun, Paula Scher combines the design elements of the 1920s with those of the 2020s. She remains true to her credo for success: “When you try to create an identity, you need to create an ability to recognize and understand things right away.”