BLUE NUN – Have Fun!


Author: Olga Pinevich

We know that all of you are searching for a wine that perfectly pairs with the Christmas dinner, the Wine Travel Awards is revealing their new favorites! Anyone who loves a glass of wine will appreciate a nice bottle of tipple for Christmas, Blue Nun is an enjoyable and affordable way to add glitter to your Christmas drinks; it is easy to drink, accessible and mixes well with a variety of other ingredients in case you appreciate a good welcome Christmas cocktail to be served to your guests.

BLUE NUN has been the number one wine brand from 1921! Brand chronicle in the wine business Germany’s roots go back to the history of Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben company, which is one of the oldest in the country. This might be your perfect choice for Christmas dinner!

The nuns have been renowned for their fine wine making skills for centuries. In this ancient tradition, BLUE NUN wine, the leading export premium-class brand from Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben, has its origins. Thanks to 100-year-old stories, BLUE NUN is one of the most famous brands outside Germany. This wine is in high demand in more than 80 countries.

In 1996, the family-owned winery Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben took over the traditional company including BLUE NUN. At the turn of the millennium BLUE NUN was the best distributed German wine brand in the world. And in 2014 a new version of the exquisite sparkling BLUE NUN 22k Gold Edition, developed by the head of the wine of F.W. Langguth Erben by Patrick F.W. Langguth. Each bottle of BLUE NUN sparkling contains 22-carat gold leaf, a priori associated with triumph and is rapidly becoming incredibly successful. Further development resulted in the 24K Gold Edition. Over the past few decades, the brand has acquired a truly iconic status and is attractive for successful trade partnerships in many countries.

BLUE NUN rolled in around the planet:

  • The first lifestyle wine brand in the world – since 1921.
  • The bestselling German wine brand of all times.
  • Enjoyed in 80 countries around the globe.
  • Brand with 100 years’ history.

BLUE NUN sparkling 24K Gold Edition – unforgettable impressions which will make your Christmas and New Year celebration special!