Chateau Mukhrani: must visit, must drink


Château Mukhranithe WTA winner – represents at the London Wine Fair an iconic part of Georgian history, featuring as an ancestral home of Price Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a renowned member of the Georgian Royal family Bagrationi. Built in the XIX century, the palace and surrounding gardens were designed by French architects. The construction of the palace took 12 years to complete. Both the palace and grounds captured visitor’s attention. It became a cultural and political center for the Georgian and foreign elite, a focal point of European and International influence. Prince Ivane Mukhranbatoni hosted many guests, including public figures, writers, poets, and artists. Château Mukhrani’s mission is to develop a dynamic wine and hospitality business on the foundation of the Georgian Royal family estate, a center of history, winemaking and culture.

Chateau Mukhrani which became a winner of the First WTA edition at the The Visiting Card of the Country nomination, category Must visit, according to the evaluation of  Stéphane Badet, a lecturer at ISVV – Institute of Vine and Wine Science and at EPL Bordeaux, specialist in wine economy, management, marketing and tourism took part at the First WTA Ceremony, London Wine Fair with Qvevri White 2017, Goruli Mtsvane 2018 and Shavkapito 2019 wines.  These wines were also presented at the joint Drinks+ and Wine Travel Awards Stand during the three days of the exhibition.

Qvevri White 2017 – the golden briliant color, elegant bouquet of sweet quince and pear, fresh honey and acacia flower accompanied with dry herbs and spice. On the palate sweet attack on ripe fruits, spice and herbs with honey notes in the middle palate. Elegant with long crispy finish. This wine is the bland of Georgian grapes Rkatsiteli and Goruli Mtsvane, Fermented naturaly. 100% Qvevri with 6 months skin contact. Aging in old oak barrels for 6 months with unfiltered bottling.

Goruli Mtsvane 2018 – bright straw color with green hints, fresh and elegant bouquet of delicate sweet fruits and floral notes. Pear yellow plum, white cherry in harmony with floral notes. Elegant and subtle attack on white and yellow fruits well balanced with floral notes smooth middle palate with a fresh long and mineral finish. Goruli Mtsvane is a unique and rare Georgian white grape variety from Kartli region. It has proven its beautiful potential through the centuries, delivering refreshing and remarkable wines with great aging potential. Natural fermentation and vinification in stainless steel tanks. Aged on fine lees up to 9 months.

Shavkapito 2019 wines – ruby color with crimson hues, rich bouquet of jamy blueberry and black cherry, accompanied by cinnamon notes and sweet spices. Fresh palate of black cherries, black pepper and spices. Well-structured, medium-bodied with long crispy finish. Shavkapito is a very rare endemic grape variety from Kartli region in Georgia. It has all the characteristics to offer impressive and unforgettable wines. Natural fermentation and vinification in tanks by punching down and remontage (pumping over) 30-100% oak barrel aging for minimum 15-18 month.

Organic viticulture – is the philosophy to reveal the true potential of the terroir. The exclusion of herbicides, toxic insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, and systemic pesticides, contributes to recreating “alive” vineyards and allows us to express the original and authentic personality of soil and the grapes that are growing on it.