Château Vartely: an exciting journey into the world of wine

Republic of Moldova

Château Vartely winery was established in Moldova, Orhei in 2008. It is one of the best of the Wine Heritage sites in the country which is included in the Wine Route of Moldova (Drumul Vinului din Moldova). Wine lovers and travelers who prefer “off-road” destinations can get authentic experiences travelling by these routes. Château Vartely as a tourist complex includes a Hotel, Restaurant, Tasting Rooms, Wine shop, Cellars, Plant.

The wine range of Château Vartely is wide: high-quality, matured wines, dry, sweet, divine wines, ice wine, botrytis, grappa, and sparkling wines according to the classic French method. Wines are defined by the authenticity of the varieties and maintaining a correct balance in relation to the terroir. Taraboste, Individo, Inspiro, Tribute, the Vartely brands are honoured with medals at international competitions. 

Château Vartely aims to teach its visitors while having fun. This idea lies behind Wine blending – wine Tastings with food pairing proposed for beginners or professionals. Also, Wine blending is designated to people of any background. The participants taste three wines, one by one, and analyze their qualities: appearance, smell, taste. Each team receives 3 bottles full of wine, an empty bottle, white label, markers, test tube and funnel to create their own wine blend. Subsequently, each team presents their wine created with the name, label and story behind it. Inspired by musical instruments, love and democracy, the teams should work together actively, like “real families”, creating a label and a name and making the wine a complete marketing. This is followed by blind tasting and appreciation of each wine, and at the end all the points are gathered to designate the best blend and bottle for prizes.

Apart from that, the Strawberry Day takes place at Château Vartely each year. It is the most fragrant summer festival. It is the best occasion to bring up family and friends together when the Strawberry season comes out. The event provides an opportunity for its visitors to discover its passion for wine and its beautiful story, right at its home, at Château Vartely.