United States

Wine Meridian, Wine Travel Awards’ info partner, reporting daily on the evolution of the wine markets, best practice of the most successful companies and the most famous professionals, goes on a wine tour to the United States to explore the opportunities of wine tourism there (US wine tourism industry is considered to be the most efficient in the world).

In recent years, the Wine Meridian team has traveled tens of thousands of kilometers to get to know and explore wine tourism opportunities in Italy, South Africa and Europe.

These travels have collected a wealth of interesting stories and incredible wine tourism experiences that Wine Meridian shares with its followers to showcase just how diverse the wine tourism scene can be around the world.

To get to know the American model of hospitality firsthand, Wine Meridian is embarking on a new journey in June – a wine tour from coast to coast of the United States.

On June 11, 2023, the Wine Meridian team will arrive in San Francisco and set on a journey of 15,000 km. The researchers will search for the key to the success of American wine tourism, crossing 20 states and visiting 150 wineries, from the giants of Napa Valley to the little-known vineyards of Oklahoma.

The purpose of the tour is to provide comprehensive information about the many wine tourism options available in the United States, as well as to introduce the American wineries, products and regions that the tour will pass through. The study is not only aimed at the most famous vineyards, but also small producers who serve a more local market will be given the floor.

It is also a good opportunity for Wine Meridian to gain experience and ideas for new articles, consultations and training events.

You can support Wine Meridian on this adventure by reading articles full of interest and in-depth analysis, and by following the journey on social media @wine_meridian.