The National Wine Agency of Georgia and Shumi Wine Company LLC have joined the Eco2Wine project, a scientific initiative of the European Union, aimed at enhancing global innovation and communication in winemaking. The project is set to commence in late 2023 and is coordinated by Milan University. Participating universities include institutions from Georgia, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, and South Africa: Georgian Technical University, University of Burgundy, University of Heisenheim, University of Perugia, University of Ljubljana, University of Cadiz, Stellenbosch University, and the Spanish National Research Council.

Representatives from the wine industry in each country are also involved in the project, including SHUMI Winery from Georgia.

SHUMI Winery’s involvement in this international scientific project is not accidental. The company, a winner in multiple categories of WTA 2023, particularly excelled in the “Education in Enotourism / Unique program” category, with their Shumi Wine School securing a victory.

SHUMI Wine School has been consistently implementing an educational program for seven years, aiming to educate students on historical trends in grape cultivation and wine development, as well as modern and innovative vineyard management practices. Participation in this international project is expected to significantly elevate and enrich the knowledge of the school’s graduates. 

The project’s activities will encompass cutting-edge research, enhancing the qualifications of doctoral candidates, and disseminating information to the public regarding novel approaches to winemaking.

The primary scientific goal of Eco2Wine is to leverage microbial interactions occurring during winemaking as an innovative tool. This aims to promote the production of natural, environmentally friendly wines while refining methods of vineyard cultivation, and providing consumers with a broader range of wine choices.

Eco2Wine’s focus extends to the latest scientific advancements and innovative communication approaches, incorporating digital media, virtual displays, connections between science and art, and active engagement with wine enthusiasts in generating new ideas.