More Ukrainian wines in Europe: SHABO Winery selling their wines to COOP retail chain.


Great news from SHABO Winery, one of the public voting winners of the Wine Travel Awards 2021-2022! Since the end of August 2022, COOP, one of the largest retail chains in Denmark and Europe (1,200 stores), has been selling Ukrainian wines produced by SHABO Winery. These amazing Ukrainian wines are available both offline and online and are delivered throughout Denmark. More than 106,000 bottles is a record batch of products that SHABO has already managed to deliver to the Danish chain, despite all the challenges of wartime. We are very proud that the still and sparkling wines, which demonstrate the uniqueness and strength of the Ukrainian land, are now available in yet another country in the world.

How did the story begin? In May 2022, representatives of the COOP network visited the SHABO stand and tasted the company’s wines at the ProWein Expo. The tasting was extremely successful, and the next business meeting of the potential partners took place in Ukraine. Actually, the COOP team together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark launched a project dedicated exclusively to Ukrainian manufacturers. To implement this project, they even visited Ukraine during the war. The COOP business team visited several Ukrainian manufacturers. SHABO Winery was chosen as the flagship of the Ukrainian wine industry.

Unique terroir, beautiful and well-kept vineyards, modern technologies and a special approach to the creation of each product, as well as hundreds of international awards, made a huge impression on Danish guests. SHABO has a special mission: to open Ukraine as a wine country to international visitors and partners.

Denmark has become the 20th country to which SHABO export their products. Currently, they are negotiating with representatives of the COOP in other European countries. And we are absolutely sure there will be more to come!

We are happy to be associated with a Ukrainian company that has brought the brand of Ukrainian wine closer to the consumers of Denmark and other European countries. We sincerely congratulate SHABO on another business victory!