Family Winery SHABO: Ukrainians have the right to be proud of their country’s wine


The family business of the Iukuridze family — SHABO, is based on wine traditions that are almost 2,000 years old. The company was established in 2003 on the basis of the oldest Ukrainian wine production in the village of Shabo. Its structure includes “SHABO Wine House”, “SHABO Sparkling Wine House” and “SHABO Brandy House”.

SHABO is convinced that Ukrainians have the right to be proud of their country’s wine. The company’s goal is to ensure this right.

SHABO has a unique terroir with 1,200 hectares of vineyards (approximately 7 Sofiivka parks), most of which are European varieties from the best nurseries in Europe: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling Rhine, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer Pink, Chardonnay and others. While creating wine masterpieces, the company has been collaborating with world-renowned expert Stéphane Derenoncourt from France for many years.

Created from Shabo’s terroir’s own grapes, SHABO’s wines:

  • Won more than 500 awards in prestigious competitions, including the Decanter Wine Awards, Mundus Vini, New York IWC and others. And in 2021, Ukraine won two gold medals at the London Decanter for the first time, thanks to Chardonnay Shabo Grande Reserve 2015 and Cabernet Shabo Grande Reserve 2017, which received 95 points out of 100
  • Represent Ukraine in the famous Wine Museum in Bordeaux, where only one sample of wine from each country is exhibited
  • Being exported to 22 countries around the world
  • Listed in Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Paris
  • Sold in London’s Hedonism Wines

On December 17, 2021, on the 18th anniversary of the company, the teaser of the unique collection Iukuridze Family Wine Heritage was officially revealed to the public. It is characterized as the Great Wines of Ukraine – Only selected grapes from selected microparticles of the SHABO terroir. Exceptionally special years of harvest from vineyards whose vines are over 20 years old. Creation of the Iukuridze Family Wine Heritage was the dream of SHABO founder Vazha Iukuridze, which he had been working on since the company was founded.

The SHABO portfolio includes still and sparkling wines, distilled drinks, including brandies, cognacs of Ukraine, Grape Vodka. Exclusive products include Kvevri wines made with Georgian technology (which is over 8,000 years old) and natural semi-sweet wines, which are produced in Ukraine only by SHABO. 

The real landmark of SHABO is the autochthonous grape variety Telti-Kuruk:

  • It originates from the Turkish period of the region — XVI century
  • Its cluster is shaped like a fox’s tail, called telti kuruk in Ottoman and gave the name
  • The first wine of Controlled Named of Origin in Ukraine, which is analogous to the French Appellation d’Origine Controlee, was created from the Telti-Kuruk grape variety
  • The oldest and largest vineyards, more than 40 hectares of own-owned Telti-Kuruk, are located in the Odessa region and are owned by SHABO. The oldest fruiting vines of this variety are 50 years old

SHABO was awarded as “Consumer Choice 2021” and was included in the register of “Best suppliers of goods and services of Ukraine”, as well as up to 3% of enterprises in the industry nationwide. The company has been one of the largest taxpayers in the country’s wine industry for about 10 years. This is confirmed by the regional and national rating “Honest Taxpayers”. Among the awards of the company are “Country Choice 2020”, “Top 25 employers in Ukraine 2020” and more.

SHABO takes an active part in life support and improvement of the village of Shabo. Constantly provides financial aid to children’s preschools and schools, district hospitals, sponsors sports teams, and supports cultural and sporting events in the village.

One of the company’s most important social projects is the SHABO Wine Culture Center, established in 2009. Its goal is to give everyone the opportunity to see where and how noble drinks are created and feel like a part of Ukrainian winemaking.

There is a variety of impressions and tastes: Swiss cellars, which are two hundred years old, modern art objects, museums, cinemas, a musical fountain, production line and professional wine tastings that conquer the world. Here everyone can appreciate the achievements of Ukrainian winemakers. Guests of the Wine Culture Center can complete their gastronomic trip in a cozy restaurant complex “Shabskyi Dvorik”, which is located on the opposite side of the road. People from all over Ukraine come here for barbecue and branded khinkali.

The Wine Culture Center SHABO is annually visited by about 50.000 tourists.