Congratulations to the winners of the WTA public voting from Ukraine


The first stage of the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 is over, and we are sincerely happy for the Ukrainian wine companies and professionals who were supported by all the wine world! Ukraine is an amazingly beautiful land demonstrating natural and cultural diversity, the land of industrious, open-hearted and talented people. Despite the war, Ukrainians continue to grow grapes and produce wonderful wines that have already been recognized internationally. 

So please welcome the Ukrainian public voting winners!

SHABO’s wine culture center – The Visiting Card of the Country / Must visit category – an important social project established in 2009. Its goal is to give everyone the opportunity to personally see where noble drinks are made, and to feel like being a part of Ukrainian winemaking.

SHABO Family Winery – The Visiting Card of the Country / Brand – the visiting card of the country.  Is a family business of the Iukuridze family. The winery has the most up-to-date production facilities, and a Wine Culture Center with bicentennial Swiss cellars, modern art collection, and several tasting halls.

46 Parallel Wine – The Visiting Card of the Country / Brand – the visiting card of the country – is a young and successful winemaking company that has won more than 70 awards in domestic and international tasting competitions. The company’s slogan is “Proudly Ukrainian!”,  and they do have a lot to be proud of!

Ukrainian Bessarabia’s Wine and Taste Route – The Visiting Card of the Country / Region of the Year – a unique wine and gastronomy region located in the south of Ukraine, has a length of about 800 kilometers and unites 27 participants, including winemakers and farmers.

Vitaliy Kovach – Ambassador / Ambassador of the year and his Sommelier School – Education in Enotourism/Unique program. Vitaliy Kovach, the founder of Kovach Sommelier School, is one of the most famous sommeliers of Ukraine. His expertise, profound knowledge and passion for wines, as well as his irresistible charisma, contribute to the success of his Sommelier School.

Nataliia Burlachenko – Wine & Food Influencer / The Brightest Journey. For many years, Nataliia has been working as a brand ambassador for the international company Vinos de La Luz. In addition, for a couple of years, she has been an active columnist for Drinks +. She is the author of a number of materials in the media group’s resources: about wines and regions of Spain, Argentina, about Malbec and Tempranillo varieties, about talented oenologists, and wine producers.

Friends Wine Travel – Wine Guide / Travel Operator of the Year. In 2019, the agency was founded by Tanya Olevska, an influencer and journalist, the founder of the “Kyiv Wine Cup” blind wine tasting project, brand ambassador for the restaurant “Hlek – Modern Kyiv Cuisine”.

According to the WTA protocol, these eight nominees are considered by the WTA Jury Committee, consisting of 12 reputable professionals in such industries as winemaking, food tourism, marketing, and journalism. 

The WTA winners will be announced in May on the official website and be awarded at the WTA Ceremony on 17 May, from 10 am to 12 pm, at the London Wine Fair.

The celebration in honor of the WTA 2022-2023 winners will also take place at the WinExpo Georgia in June.