Wines To Find: “There’s a story in every sip”


Do you ever wonder about the fascinating journey of a grape? How it transforms from a seed into a delicious  glass of wine bursting with flavors and stories?

WTA nominee, Wines To Find, dove deeper into those questions through a memorable time spent with Nicola Thornton of Spanish Palate, who shared her lovely vision of enhancing wine tourism in the Toro region.

Imagine waking up in a quaint hut, setting off on a biking, walking or horseback riding adventure, and returning to a communal dining experience – sounds magical, right? Nicola further delighted sisters with her future plans of providing a rucksack filled with wine and snacks for those adventures and how she aims to empower the local community through this venture.

In one of their latest episodes, broadcasters also discovered the passionate world of wine-making, sharing their firsthand experiences of the hard work and love that each glass of wine holds. From the magic of gathering over wine to fun adventures with wine farmers, aka vintners.They explored the rich Spanish culture, including the surprising language change brought about by a monarch and the mouth-watering Pekado Mortal wines we tried.

Join Wines To Find Podcast, enjoy a lunch in the vineyard with its stunning view of Toro, discuss the Romanesque architecture of the local church, and the underground cellar of the Bodega Museum. Get ready for an immersive journey through the Toro region that promises to ignite your imagination and passion for wine travel.