Marinela Ardelean: Charting the Bright Path Ahead for Romanian Wines


It is the great pleasure for the Wine Travel Awards team to welcome Marinela Ardelean as the WTA nominee in Wine & Food Influencer / Expert Opinion category!

Marinela Ardelean holds an executive MBA and a PhD in Marketing. Although she was raised amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Maramures in Transylvania, her love for wine and spirits flourished during her stay in Italy, a place she now considers her second home.

In envisioning Marinela’s future endeavors for growth and influence, she finds satisfaction in the continuous growth of Romanian wineries dedicated to quality. Moreover, the increasing recognition of Romanian wines on the global stage is a testament to their rising prominence. Serving as a catalyst for the Romanian wine industry, Marinela actively promotes its reputation and works towards its rightful place among Europe’s top producers, alongside France and Italy.

Driven by this mission, Marinela authored her inaugural book, followed by four more, all of which spotlight the rejuvenated local wine scene. Drawing on her thorough research and steadfast confidence in the excellence of Romanian wines, Marinela conceived the concept for RO-Wine, The International Wine Festival of Romania. To realize this ambitious vision, she sought out exceptional co-founders to collaborate with, further solidifying her commitment to advancing the Romanian wine industry on the global stage.