Yerevan Wine Days: an ideal meeting point for wine lovers and winemakers


Armenia is not only the birthplace of wine production but has also a big potential for becoming one of the leaders in the production of unique and premium wine in the modern world as well as hosting wine lovers from all over the world. That’s why “Yerevan Wine Days” was created and united these two important spheres: wine production and tourism within a single platform.

The Yerevan Wine Days is an ideal meeting point for wine lovers and winemakers. Each year several central streets of Yerevan get filled with positive emotions, music, colorful lights, and laughter of slightly tipsy people. These days, locals and tourists have the chance to taste wines produced by the dozens of Armenian companies made from the local grapes and not only, and to accompany them with tasty bites.

Taking into account a thousand reviews and sociological surveys the Yerevan Wine Days is a special festival not only for Yerevanians, participant companies, and wine specialists but also for foreign guests. They pay special attention to the long-term development of tourism in Armenia. It’s not a secret that, as a separate branch of the Armenian economy, it’s capable to create additional workplaces, stimulating road construction and hospitality industries, contributing to the development of crafts and national culture, and finally raising awareness for Armenia and Armenian products all over the world.

Every tourist that visits Armenia and gets familiar with Armenian wine, its taste, appearance, and history thanks to the festival, and once tasting never forgets it and try to look for Armenian wine in their country, generates a demand, talks about it to everyone and becomes a walking advertisement for the wine that has satisfied their taste and has engraved into their memory forever. For several years in a row, the wine distributors arrive in Armenia from all over the world during the Yerevan Wine Days. This festival is a wine expo for them where due to the wide range of presented products, one can get an overall idea about Armenian wine production and Armenian wine in general.