WTA Community Welcomes the Nominees from Romania!


The WTA Team is excited to expand the Community with the Wines of Romania Nominees. Wines of Romania is a dynamic project spearheaded by Marinela Ardelean, a renowned wine expert and co-organizer of the esteemed RO-WINE festival. This private initiative is dedicated to the growth and promotion of Romanian wines, both locally and globally.

With Marinela’s expertise and passion for Romanian wines, she conceived the idea for RO-Wine, The International Wine Festival of Romania, aiming to showcase the country’s exceptional wine offerings. Through meticulous research and collaboration with outstanding co-founders, Marinela has brought this vision to life.

marinela ardelean

In addition to her contributions to the wine industry, Marinela Ardelean holds an executive MBA and a PhD in Marketing. Her tireless dedication has earned her numerous prestigious awards and accolades, further solidifying her reputation as a leader in the field.
We extend a warm welcome to the nominees from Romania and look forward to celebrating the diversity and excellence of Romanian wines within the community.