Vylyan Vineyards and Winery: the best possible wine that carries the characteristics of the Villány region


Our aim is to allow everyone to taste the flavours of Villány in our wines, and also to sense our love and affection for this region. Each bottle of Vylyan wine encapsulates the notes from our vineyards, as well as the knowledge and experience of winemaking, which is timeless but which also requires permanent renewal on our behalf.We are eternally devoted to this place. And therefore, there is no other name that would express this devotion better than the ancient name of Villány itself: Vylyan.


About the estate

The Vylyan estate is located in the Villány Wine Region, the most famous Hungarian red wine producing area. This land has the highest sunshine duration in the country. The east-west orientation of the Mecsek mountain range protects it from cool northern winds. The loess and clay topsoil on the limestone bedrock is absolutely ideal for viniculture. The wines made here unmistakably bear the typical Villánycharacteristics.In addition to special characteristics of the terroir, the most important factor is the Vylyan staff.The commitment, knowledge and hard work of this team makes the wines unmistakably Vylyan. 

The estate was founded in 1992 by Pál Debreczeni. We started planting the vineyards in the same year.We currently manage around 100 hectares of land. Our vineyards face south or south-east at a density of 7,000 vines/hectare, in order to make sure that rich grapes can be harvested. We typically only process our own grapes, which ensures that we are responsible for the quality of our wines, from the very beginning. Fine wines require excellent grapes.The centre of our estate was established on Fekete-hegy in the village of Kisharsány, at the heart of our vineyards, reflecting our bond to the vineyards. We await wine-loving guests with wine tasting programmes, a Mediterranean-style terrace, and seasonal cultural events.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the quality of wine is mainly determined by the grape. Fine wine can be made only with excellent grapes since we start with the fundament even when building a house. We believe in nature, each other and ourselves. All of our knowledge and belief is embodied here. From the beginning, our goal is to make the best possible wine. The best of our knowledge represents the guarantee behind the wines bearing  the Vylyan label as we are well aware that trust is of great value. We believe that all the care, love and care we “put into” wine will be  experienced by the wine consumer, as well.  We are confident that those who consume our wines (in moderation) will somehow become a better person.

Our Team

The head of the winery is Mónika Debreczeni. With her husband they started Vylyan Winery together, then after the unexpected death of Pál in 2004,  she  took  over  the  management  of  the estate.  Economist, member of the international WSET wine academy (Wine and Spirit Education Trust, London). The technical director and winemaker Sándor Tóth is the chief winemaker of the Vylyan Vineyard and Winery in a great professional team responsible for daily operations in the estate and the winery.

What cultural, natural and historical monuments are nearby?

  • Harkány Spa
  • Siklós Castle 
  • Statue Park of Nagyharsány
  • Szársomlyó Mountain
  • Villány Wine destrict (Cellar route)