Vinuri de Comrat: saving and developing the viticultural traditions of Moldova

Republic of Moldova

Vinuri de Comrat is located in the south of the Republic of Moldova, in Comrat city. Vinuri de Comrat is a modern wine production company, which annually processes 5-6 thousand tons of grapes and carries out bottling for about 3 million bottles of wine.

According to ONVV (Wine of Moldova), the company owns over 300 hectares of vines, along with 5 farms located in the “Valul lui Traian” region. It exports its products to over 20 countries around the world. Here, more than 50 types of wines are produced from distinct varieties and blends, which perfectly combine European grape varieties with local ones. The company also has its own network of stores. The wines and the winery’s tourism facility are the pride of the company. This is a place where visitors enjoy the genuine pleasure of hospitality. When the latter is accompanied by wine and food produced in this place, on this land, by the local hands, a memorable symphony of taste, emotions and memories plays. 

“We elaborated three options of tours for our guests, each of them offers a unique experience for our visitors, starting from the excurse to the history of the 19th century, museum of forgotten things, old cellars and collection wines, tasting guided by the professional sommelier or technologist of the winery, wine and food pairing of local Gagauzian cuisine and wines,” shares the winery’s team.

The tourist facilities Vinuri de Comrat offers include excursion, guided by the general director, main technologist and chief of the laboratory (all our tastings are accompanied with the professional winemakers); restaurant with the wide range of local and European food and large wine offer; big terrace; entertainment – bicycles, darts, tennis, disco shows, seasonal concerts of local bands; and historical part of the winery.