Vinspiration: vineyard covered hills, picturesque villages and unforgettable tastes


Vinspiration is a company that specializes in presenting you with the best and most beautiful wine regions. To fill your senses at the pace you want through wine, food and people.

Vinspiration believe that in order to truly know a wine region; to understand its gastronomy, we need to get out there and meet the people that give the wine region its good name. It is said that the best fertilizer is the footprints of the winemaker; we like to add that, the spice which makes good wines great, is the connection with everything that makes the grape into a drink appropriate to treasure in a bottle.

Soil enlivened by minerals, air moderated by the flowing river and beautiful vines adorning the hilly landscape, breathes flavor and intensity into the fruit. The explosion of flavor with each sip of wine which defines its origins and makes us poets even if for a temporary moment.

They are responsible for wine tourism for groups and FITs in 20 different leading wine destinations; representating Israel around the world, including at the IWINETC 2021 event;

They are creators of the book: Wine Journey – An Israeli Adventure – with over 11,000 copies sold in the first 10 months since printing; founders and managers of the leading wine podcast in Hebrew: Wine is Basic.

Talking about the book ‘Wine Journey – Israeli Adventure’, it features over 200 wineries spread all over the land of Israel from the snow-covered Mount Hermon in the north, down to Eilat on the Red Sea. It highlights the wineries giving all the relevant details and also gives local information on craft brewers, artisan cheese producers and nearby restaurants. Wherever you go, there is a winery nearby making wine with individuality and passion, just waiting to share their story with you. Another advantage is that the book is apolitical, so the decision of which wineries to visit remain with the reader. It is published in Hebrew obviously, but also in English providing a much needed insight into Israeli wine for wine lovers and connoisseurs worldwide. Israel is a meeting place between Europe, North Africa and Asia, and it contains the most dynamic, fastest developing wine industry in the Eastern Mediterranean.