Tóth Ferenc Winery: philosophy and the principle of the brand


Our aim is to preserve the old, traditional taste and flavour palate of Eger, and to combine the most modern technologies with the traditional ones. The estate and our winery is characterised by the fact that we do everything from grape planting to wine bottling, so we keep the whole process under our control. Tóth Ferenc and his wife started their journey together into the world of grape and wine long ago and built up the family estate together, hand in hand. Thanks to ‘Uncle Feri’s – how everybody calls him –  incredible experience (more than 60 harvests!), today the winery consists of nearly 30 hectares of own vineyard in the best slopes of Eger such as Síkhegy and Almagyar Crues, excellent areas that create the possibility of producing high quality wines. We mainly focus on the traditional red blend, Egri Bikavér and its white pair since 2010, the Egri Csillag. Moreover concentrating single varieties have the homeland in Eger such as Leányka, Kadarka and Kékfrankos. We follow all the rules and law according to the Eger Wine Regulation producing wines on different quality levels, classic, superior and grand superior.

Grape processing is done by traditional and reductive methods. Most of the white wines are made with directed fermentation. After the fermentation, red wines are kept in traditional Hungarian oak barrels for 1.5 to 2 years and then another half a year in bottles before we present them. The production of high-quality wine in the Eger region not only involves carefully selected areas, grape varieties, climate and expertise, but also good cellars, carved into rhyolite tuff. A cool climate wine region, protected from the cold air streams from the north by the central mountain range of the Bükk region. The microclimate of the production of the red wines is mainly favourable in the southern, south western facing slopes. On the hillsides and hilltops, there is rhyolite tuff, and also clay-like, brown forest soils.
In 2005 a new generation joined the farm, the daughter and son-in-law of Ferenc Tóth. Throughout the following years, besides many investments and developments, Katalin has continuously taken over the operative management of the winery, and now with Uncle Feri and 12 permanent employees they together manage all the work of the winer

Producing the highest quality wines especially from Leányka, Kadarka and Kékfrankos local grapes and the two iconic, traditional blends of the region, Egri Csillag, – white blend of minimum 4 varieties, since 2010 –  and Egri Bikavér, red blend of minimum 4 varieties –  wines in different quality levels are the most important goal.  

Thanks to the excellent givens of our beautiful wine region, we are able to offer a wide selection of wines to our visitors. In the region we have the possibility to produce fresh and oak aged white wines, crispy rose and siller, fruity, elegant reds aged in oak and late harvest in some of the years. 

According to the Eger Wine Regulation, we offer classic, superior and grand superior wines in our portfolio which gives us the opportunity to create different quality level wine tastings. Some tourists are interested in the lighter, easy – to – understand wines some other the more sophisticated, serious wines. We use the ‘Egri’ name in wines with protected denominations of origin. 

The production of high-quality wine in the Eger region not only involves carefully selected areas, grape varieties, climate and expertise, but also good cellars. In Eger, it was not customary to keep a wine cellar in the vineyard, instead, picking the vines on the “tub” and taking them home to the wineries and cellars in the city. It is one of the most dry and cool wine regions in the country, which is protected from the cold air streams from the north by the central mountain range of the Bükk region. Spring comes relatively late here. The microclimate of the production of the red wines is mainly favorable in the southern, southwestern facing slopes. On the hillsides and hilltops, there is mostly Miocene-era rhyolite tuff, and also clay-like, brown forest soils.

Our winery possesses 30 hectares of vineyards in 7 different Crues (Cigléd, Vidra, Síkhgy, Kisgalagonyás, Almagyar, Marinka and Steiner Crues) in the best slopes of Eger Wine Region.

We cultivate the grapes with great care, try to keep on eye at sustainability all the time.
We produce all our wines from own grapes, only. 

Classic line wines: 

Tóth Ferenc Leányka 2021
Tóth Ferenc Királyleányka 2020
Tóth Ferenc ‘Sweet Daughter’ 2020
Tóth Ferenc Egri Csillag 2021
Tóth Ferenc Kékfrankos 2017
Tóth Ferenc Pinot Noir 2017
Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka 2019
Tóth Ferenc Egri Bikavér 2019

Superior line wines:

Tóth Ferenc Egri Csillag Superior 2020
Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka Superior late harvest 2018
Tóth Ferenc Egri Kékfrankos Superior 2018
Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka Superior 2018
Tóth Ferenc Egri Bikavér Superior 2017
Tóth Ferenc ‘Várvédő’ Egri Cuvee 2016
Tóth Ferenc ‘Várvédő’ Egri Bikavér 2018

Grand superior line wines:

Tóth Ferenc Egri Bikavér Grand Superior Tornyos Cru 2016

Tóth Ferenc Egri Kékfrankos Grand Superior Síkhegy Cru 2017

Hospitality and wine tasting 

All visitors who come to Tóth Ferenc Winery can choose the most suitable wine tasting from our wide offer however we adjust special requests. The processing and aging of the products of the estate is done in the cellar in Kistályai street. Man can have a look at our cellar system with 5 tunnels, can follow the way grapes become wine and also get an insight into the everyday life of the winery.  

We offer programmes and wine tasting possibilities at 3 different plots. 

Comfortable and high standard reception is one of the options of wine experts, connoisseurs, and visitors in our unique cellar tunnel in Kistályai street where our processing cellar can be found. It is an ideal place for friendly gatherings, company programmes and receptions. Those who are interested can get acquainted with traditional wine making with commented wine tasting in our VIP room. For those, who would like to have a glass of wine also have the possibility to come into our newly built wine shop and tasting room here. 

Our cellar nr. 46 in Szépasszony – valley 

Szépasszony – a valley counting near 200 cellars was tightly joined together with the reputation of wines of Eger in the last centuries. A popular picnic and wine tasting place for inhabitants and visitors of Eger. 

Cellar nr. 46 has welcomed tourists since 2009 where 70 people can be seated inside and 60 people in the terrasse to enjoy our wines in the beautiful surroundings and sunshine. 

 ‘Tóthék’ – or the poplar on the top of Síkhegy Cru 

Síkhegy is one of the most unique vineyards of Eger.

The top of Síkhegy is called “Upper-tornyos”, where a huge poplar lives. Maybe you have seen it before.
It is surrounded by about 7 hectares of vineyards with Kékfrankos, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Once upon a time there was a cottage here rising above the grapes and mountains with its characteristic tower.

This place means no more to us than the hub of the universe.

We stand facing the Almagyar vineyard, where our Leányka plantation is situated and the Steiner vineyard, where the Pinot Noir grows, then the Cigléd vineyard is behind. To the west are the Mátra and the Kékes-top, from the north the Nagy-Eged mountain is rising, but we can also see the Mész-hill, the Pajados and Lake Ostoros. Everything that is important to us.
The poplar called us.

We have imagined what a place would look like underneath,full of loungers, with a pretty well and a big telescope,
with soft music, fine wines and some snacks,as we watch the sunset.

Since 2020 this beautiful place is the homeland of organised wine picnics, weddings, professional vineyard tours complemented by wine tasting.