The fifth Worldwide œufs en meurette Championship edition: chefs from abroad earned the titles


The Worldwide œufs en meurette Championship is an awaited event in the world of gastronomy organized for the fifth consecutive year by the Château du Clos de Vougeot, the most emblematic place when it comes to this Burgundian recipe cooked through the world.

The Château du Clos de Vougeot, the Mecca of French gastronomy, the undisputed temple of the œufs en meurette. A true signature dish of the Château du Clos de Vougeot, oeufs en meurette – poached eggs in the red wine sauce – are served for each gala dinner organized within it, including the last dinner of Angela Merkel with French president Emmanuel Macron, the 3rd of November 2021.

The resident chef of the Château – Alexandra Bouvret – and her brigade have developed a unique know-how in the preparation of this recipe and meet with chefs from Burgundy, France and abroad every year, at the beginning of October, at the Château du Clos de Vougeot to celebrate and enhance this emblematic dish. Oeufs en meurette have been elected the 5th best dish of all time by the Food and Wine Magazine.

The fifth Worldwide œufs en meurette Championship was held in October, the 9th and 10th of 2021. The public could attend the tasting session where on the menu, there were œufs en meurette, a glass of Burgundy Tastevined wine accompanied by a gourmet dessert.

During the amateur competition, the dish lovers were competing to create their best version of the oeufs en meurette. In the afternoon, a demonstration of the oeuf en meurette recipe by Joy Astrid Poinsot – Worldwide oeuf en meurette Champion 2022 – took place in the wine presses room. The lucky spectators could even degustate the Chef’s creations. As far as the children were concerned they participated in a chocolate egg quest and earned some delicious prizes.

One recipe but many revisions of it! On Sunday the 15th, the competition started to take shape as 13 top chefs were competing for the title of Worldwide oeufs en meurette Championship (ranging from Burgundy to New York City which show the growing international reputation of the competition). For the second year an apprentice competition took place gathering 10 young and talented future chefs from all french regions. In the afternoon was held an epic and funny entertainment by doctor Christophe Lavelle – CNRS researcher, author and member of the National Museum of Natural History – on the theme of molecular cuisine. The participants could then attend the round table about organic food and short circuits with Laure VERDEAU (Agence Bio), Julien LEPONT (100% Côte d’Or) Gaëlle PICARD (organic egg producer in Côte d’Or) Michel GROBON (international chef), Sébastien RIPARI (International gastronomic expert) and Goulven LE POLLES (gastronomic journalist).

The gastronomic dinner took place in the Grand Cellier of the Château du Clos de Vougeot. Chef Alexandra Bouvret presented a five-act menu in the theme of the chicken and the egg. The members of the jury awarded the title of Worldwide œufs en meurette Champion. Chaired by René Meilleur (3 Michelin Star Chef), the jury with the task of evaluating the chefs’ recipes was made up of 12 reputable personalities in the enogastronomic industry. In 2021 Albert II, Prince of Monaco, appeared to be a fan of œufs en meurette, so he joined the competition as a member of the jury. Speeches and refrains to drink marked the evening.

This year burgundian chef Fabien PAIRON from l’Auberge Communale du Mont sur Lausanne (Switzerland) earned the title and american Chef Eric Starkman from centurion by Daniel Boulud, New York earned the creativity prize.

Photo Credits: Bénédicte Manière