The National Wine Day of Moldova is one of the most fascinating Moldavian autumn holidays

Republic of Moldova

The first weekend of October is traditionally the time to celebrate the National Wine Day in Moldova. This has been a tradition for 18 years. For two days, tourists from all over the world and locals who love wine have an opportunity to taste wines from around 60 Moldovan wine producers in the city centre of the capital Chisinau, combined with plenty of festivities.

As soon as autumn begins, the National Wine Day of Moldova suggests plunging into an incredible atmosphere – albeit a small but wonderful, vibrant and insanely beautiful country. Moldavian autumn is charming, full of colours, fruits, vegetables and sweet grapes!

The National Wine Day is one of the most striking and fascinating Moldavian autumn holidays. The event is also called the “Wine Fest”. In the beginning of October, the weather is still warm in Moldova, for people coming from more northern countries – it’s still summer.

National Wine Day is a national bacchanalia, indescribable fun, folk dances and of course aromatic Moldavian wine. This is different from what you can find in shops. At the festival, visitors can get acquainted with the products of the best winemakers of Moldova. From major Moldova wineries, such as Mileștii Mici, recognised as the largest wine collection in the world, to small scale vineyards, the range of Moldova wine offerings available is quite staggering. The festival is the place to experience wines from vintage to youthful, as well as limited editions and those launched specially at the event. 

The program is dynamic as wine tastings, tours of Moldova wineries and master classes are proposed. So, the participants can fully immerse into the history of the wine of Moldova. But this holiday is not limited to alcohol. The best dishes of national cuisine and music groups of various genres, as well as theatre groups perform at the festival. This experience is a perfect opportunity to get to know Moldovan cuisine and culture better!