Tbilvino: these wines are born in a beautiful, fertile, and hospitable land


Tbilvino Georgian wine producer is one of the largest and most successful companies in Georgia, whose products are known, appreciated and trusted in more than 30 countries of the world. Experienced winemakers, the variety of local grape varieties and the combination of traditional winemaking methods with new technologies are what enable the company to offer quality products and a wide selection to wine lovers.

For those who are interested in the stages of winemaking: from the ripening of each bunch to its becoming one of the best wines in the country, Tbilvino organizes special tours with tastings to Tbilisi- and Kvareli-based companies.

At the foot of the picturesque Caucasus Mountains, you can find the modern wineries of Tbilvino company, surrounded by its own vineyards. Under this brand name, wine has been produced since 1962, but over the years, the company has been modernized, and currently, it creates wines that have gained the highest world’s awards at such international competitions as Decanter London, IWSC, IWC, Mondial, Berlin Wine Trophy and many others.

Nowadays, the company has two largest wineries under its name, which allows it to produce 7.5 million bottles of wine annually. Tbilvino owns 355 hectares of well-groomed vineyards, which are equipped with a drip irrigation system. The process of their cultivation started in 2013 with the consultation of Italian winegrowers, and in 2017 the company was able to collect the first harvest. Today, in the unique microzones of Mukuzani and Kindzmarauli, the company’s vine growers are growing rare Georgian varieties: Kisi, Khikhvi, Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli, as well as the popular Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, and Saperavi. In 2022, Tbilvino plans to expand planting of vines: 50 hectares of land in the Tsinandali microzone will be planted with Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane varieties.

The production is based on a combination of European technologies and ancient Georgian traditions, including those applied for the aging process. Right you are – we are talking about clay vessels called “qvevri”. The qvevri wine cellar, called marani in Georgia, is located in Kvareli. The Tbilisi winery is using French oak barrels for the premium line of Special Reserve wines. The symbiosis of traditions and innovations gives the best result.

In recent decades, the team of winemakers have been collaborating with internationally recognized consultants in order to consistently improve processes and update wine guidelines and protocols.

The range of Tbilvino’s products includes over 40 types of excellent Georgian wines, brandy, and premium chacha. During winery tours, the best ones will be offered to you.