Solomiia Begun: My main goal is to inspire people


Solomiia is a journalist, experienced gastronomic expert, connoisseur of restaurants awarded MICHELIN stars (she has been researching haute cuisine restaurants for 8 years, collaborating with chefs of the Michelin star restaurants, and is writing a book about it). She is also the Brand Ambassador of wine company Raymond Mayhelyn Et Fils, France (founded in 1972).

Solomiia Begun is a member of the International Association of Women in Wine (France), as well as a member of the Women’s Business Chamber of Ukraine.

Being brand ambassador of Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers (France, Loire Valley) can also be attributed to her career achievements.

Moreover, she is a head the branch of the European historical real estate agency VIP CASTLE (Castles and palaces for sale and for rent) in Ukraine. She is a member of the team of the world’s first project to revive castles and turn them into unique objects of the international level World Castles Ambassadors (WCA).

In 2020 she was in charge of the international project “BOOKS SAVE CASTLES”. Reviving the tradition of castle libraries, she organizes cultural social events that bring together artists, historians, designers, hoteliers, tourism industry workers, winemakers, sommeliers, businessmen, philanthropists, etc. Together, they support and increase the culture of world heritage and try to make our world a better place.

In 2021, in France, Solomiia Begun was nominated for the title “Les Compagnons du Beaujolais”, thus joining the ranks of the oldest order of Beaujolais region, sharing their ideals, secrets, history, and traditions.

Talking about her educational experience, it is worth noting that she is caught up in the alcohol industry for more then 10 years, and her work experience is more than two years. Solomiia is also permanent member of tastings, international conferences, round tables, symposia, and festivals.

During her professional career, Solomiia has visited many wineries around the world and happy to share with younger generation, her experience that has been gained during many years of professional activities.

She has obtained a higher education at two institutions of higher learning. Solomiia has a degree of Master of Public Administration. Solomiia Begun is a graduate of the International London Sommelier School, Wine & Spirits Education, Trust 2.

She completed the Contemporary Art Course at Harvard University. Solomiia is currently studying at the International European Academy of Castle Studies.

Solomiia’s main hobby – traveling – has grown into the meaning of life. She promotes the culture of wine diplomacy and gastronomy of Ukraine around the world. Solomiia specializes in organizing enogastronomic and wine evenings with the best sommeliers and winemakers in Ukraine, Europe, and Malaysia.

She is the founder of “The World in My Lens” company, she has visited 46 countries, has a huge travel experience and now she does it professionally:

  • create author’s trips to Europe and Asia; but first of all, she represents the interests of the French winemaking and culture, especially specializing in exclusive travels to Paris, the Côte d’Azur, Provence, Champagne wineries, Burgundy and Beaujolais.
  • provide travel advisory services.
  • develop exclusive programs: gastro tours, locations for photo shoots around the world, accompaniment to Michelin restaurants and consultations on Viennese balls.

Next year, she plans to win the Chinese audience as a wine guide.

She is completely passionate about wine and good food. She got a diploma of a wine expert from a branch of the London International School WSET Level 2. Books, history, art, opera, antiques, education are her elements. All of the above led her to journalism. She wants to share information and knowledge with as many people as possible.

She has written periodical articles on travel and wine over the years for such magazines as Yana Luxury Travel, Sea Trial (International yachts magazine), TOUCH, Boryspil magazine, Business Zavarnik magazine.

Currently, she is an ambassador of Business Zavarnik magazine, and for exactly one year Solomiia has been publishing articles about the culture of wine and winemaking, about travel and the gastronomic culture of different countries of the world, so with full confidence she can call herself the Author of the Year.

According to Miss Elegant Travel Ukraine 2019, she entered the TOP-100 successful women in the Kiev region. For many years of contribution to the development of cultural relations between Ukraine and France, in 2021 she was awarded the international Order of Queen Anne, Princess of Kiev, Queen of France.