Solomiia Begun #51

France, Ukraine
Instagram: salome_vvv

Sharing ideals and traditions of Beaujolais region

Solomiia Begun is the Brand Ambassador of wine company Raymond Mayhelyn Et Fils, France (founded in 1972). You can learn more about the company represented by Solomiia here. In 2021, in France, Solomiia Begun was nominated for the title “Les Compagnons du Beaujolais”, thus joining the ranks of the oldest order of Beaujolais region, sharing their ideals, secrets, history, and traditions.

She represents the interests of the French winemaking and culture.

Tours and enogastronomic events

In addition, Solomiia Begun promotes the culture of wine diplomacy and gastronomy of Ukraine around the world. Solomiia specializes in organizing enogastronomic and wine evenings with the best sommeliers and winemakers in Ukraine, Europe, and Malaysia.

Solomiia organizes exclusive tours to wineries in France, Italy. Her expertise and experience enable her to prepare special programs for both educated audience and wine lovers, who love to travel along the wine routes of leading wine-making countries. Next year, she plans to win the Chinese audience as a wine guide.

Education and professional career

Solomiia Begun’s educational experience in the alcohol industry is 10 years, and work experience is more than two years. Solomiia is a permanent member of tastings, international conferences, round tables, symposia, and festivals.

During her professional career, Solomiia has visited many wineries around the world. Solomiia Begun is happy to share with younger generation, her experience that has been gained by Solomiia during many years of professional activities.

She has obtained a higher education at two institutions of higher learning. Solomiia has a degree of Master of Public Administration. Solomiia Begun is a graduate of the International London Sommelier School, Wine & Spirits Education, Trust 2.

She completed the Contemporary Art Course at Harvard University. Solomiia is currently studying at the International European Academy of Castle Studies.

Solomiia is a journalist, experienced gastronomic expert, connoisseur of restaurants awarded MICHELIN stars (she has been researching haute cuisine restaurants for 8 years, collaborating with chefs of the Michelin star restaurants, and is writing a book about it).

Solomiia is a member of the International Association of Women in Wine (France), as well as a member of the Women’s Business Chamber of Ukraine.


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