Marina Mayevska: climbing the career ladder of wine journalism


Kyiv’s leading city guide of the time – Afisha magazine – became a first step on the way of writing career for Marina Mayevska. There she worked as a restaurant observer, food and wine writer. Afterwards, she continued as a regular contributor to national glossy magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Pink, Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine and more.

She confidently climbed the career ladder and got a position of editor-in-chief for the Martell Gastronomic project and of Ukraine’s 100 Best restaurants supported by San Pellegrino (2010; 2011). Then she worked as an editor-in-chief for Ukraine’s gourmet Flavor.Ua web site (2011-2015). In 2016, her life path brought her to Drinks+ international magazine and website, to the development of which she contributed again as an editor-in-chief until 2019. She was a contributing author at Harper’s Bazaar, Buro24/7, Meininger’s Wine Business International. Identità Golose web.

Now Marina Mayevska is a food and wine, lifestyle writer, Head of SEO at NV.UA, one of Ukraine’s leading and highly reputable news media.

One of the brightest journeys Marina recalls took place in Armenia. Armenia is a country with 300 sunny days a year and 400 grape varieties, 80% covered with mountains. The monuments of ancient civilizations found in Armenia include the oldest wine production site in the world, Areni Cave, which is open to visits while archaeologists continue their exploration.

In her article for NV.UA, Marina tells: “Winemaking in Armenia has been experiencing a turbulent renaissance and finally is getting rid of the image of the country inherited from the USSR as a producer of grapes for brandy. Armenian wines are making their way into the world by receiving awards from international competitions such as the Berliner Wein Trophy and opening an international logistics centre and online store in Germany. In parallel with wines, the approach to Armenian gastronomy is changing… Not surprisingly, Forbes ranks Armenia among the most promising wine tourism destinations.”