Ljudmila Bobik: “Bingo! We can read the wine!”

France / Ukraine

After reading the book “A year in Provance” by Peter Mayle, Ljudmila started to dream to visit that place. Thanks to many years of management experience, she was able to organize the work in such a way, that she could travel at the same time. Thus, in one year the dearest wish came true and Provence became a place of her passion which arouse a sudden change in her career and her further long and thorny professional path. There she discovered lavender fields, rose wine, met a few dozen of great local winemakers and took her first lessons in wine tasting. 

Just a few years later in one of her regular summer trips in Sicily, she was reading the blog of Eugeniy Chichvarkin on Instagram. Out of curiosity, she opened his website Hedonism Wines. According to Ljudmila’s words, she was embarrassed because she was looking at dozens of coloured wine labels and didn’t understand anything. And when she saw the prices with four zeros, Ljudmila couldn’t believe her eyes. With a lot of questions in her mind, she went to the section where the team is presented. The wine consultants listed their education with the abbreviation WSET.

She found a window in the work schedule for September and sent an application for the 2nd level intensive the very next day. The one-week intensive wine course in London changed everything about her. She is admitting: “I still remember that storm of positive emotions, a kind of excitement and just “wow!” from everything I heard. And unexpectedly for myself, I realized that I have well-developed receptors, so it was very easy for me to describe wine. In short, I returned home and immediately invited my friends to my first wine tasting. I wanted to share the experience with as many people as possible and shout: “Bingo! We can read the wine!”.”

Since that autumn, the London course of Level 2 passed four years. At the moment Ljudmila Bobik is a professional sommelier certified by the Court of Masters Sommeliers, a member of the UK Sommelier Association and a Master & MBA in Wine Marketing and Management. Thanks to the professional course organized by The UK Association of Sommeliers, Ljudmila learned all the necessary high standards of skills and knowledge that are required for this interesting and not-easy profession in HoReCa. After finishing this sommelier school, she had a chance to work in a Michelin-star restaurant. 

This year, Ljudmila joined the Wine Travel Awards as a nominee for the Brightest Journey. We wish her luck and encourage you to become a nominee too. Register now and gain your place in the WTA community, as well as a one-year marketing PR campaign.