Jeff Burrows: my readers and I probably have something in common


Jeff Burrows is blog and social media content creator including writing, food wine and travel and videography. He has been blogging at FoodWineClick! for nearly 15 years.

Jeff recently completed the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma certification. He has collaborated with Whole Foods Market, Made in France, Primo Ceramic Grills, Wine Pass Italy, Vital Choice Sustainable Seafood and with the #MerlotMe group of wineries.

FoodWineClick! has won awards such as a Millesima Blog Award in 2017, Born Digital Wine Awards Shortlist, and articles on Jancis Robinson and the Bordeaux Wines website.

He has gone from knowing almost nothing to being the person who gets handed the wine list when he is with a group out for dinner.

He loves exploring the intersection of food and wine, highlighted with beautiful photos of wines, meals, and places. Jeff prefers wines which are “old world” and food-friendly in approach. That is, higher acid, less overt use of oak, and perhaps a bit less fruit forward and ripe.

The long journey was started when the old next door neighbors, Lynn and Perry Pelos, who had a long time dream of owning a winery made their dream come true. When they launched their winery with the first release with the 2006 vintage, Jeff wasn’t quite ready to make the leap, but a year later, he thought he should at least find out a little about wine, and buy some iOTA cellars wines to try. Then Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s book “Drink This”.

Since then, he and his wife, Julie have embraced the idea of wine at the table – as a companion to food. Their preferred wine style could be described many ways: food friendly, old world, less alcohol & less oak.  In the natural wine discussion, they tend towards an interest in these types of wines. They also embrace American and other New World wines made in a traditional, food friendly style: “We like that there are many styles and types of wines.  Who would want a world where there is only one “best” of anything?  There is room for all tastes!”

Jeff hopes he can successfully share his experiences with the readers, and notes that they probably have something in common:

  • Shop at least occasionally at a local farmers market
  • Cook from scratch – start with ingredients closer to the source. Not required every day!
  • Listen to The Splendid Table on NPR, watch The Chef’s Table on Netflix, own more than 5 cookbooks
  • Love to try new wines from new regions, winegrowers
  • Interested in smaller family operations including farms, grape growers, winemakers
  • Interested in learning more about wine, especially wine with food

You can also explore his wine and travel experience in the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.