Château Mukhrani – XIX Century Palace


Château Mukhrani – one of the few remaining palaces of Georgia, a beautiful landmark to represent Georgia in the international context, witness of the great history and a symbol of the Georgian Aristocracy.

Château Mukhrani is the first and the only true Georgian Royal Château, uniting four key components: vineyards, winery, castle, and history. Ivane Mukhranbatoni the founder of the Mukhrani estate in XIX century was the first to prove that Georgian wines have their rightful place among the great wines of the world.

Nowadays, Château Mukhrani is the high quality, top wine destination in Georgia, striving to warrant the highest standards of execution of all products and services, combining the uniqueness of Georgia with the international best practices and know-hows, with the aim to consistently strengthening the premium positioning of brand in both wine and wine tourism/hospitality.

Palace interior design is a magnificent work of internationally acclaimed designer Juan Pablo Molyneaux, who creates worldwide famous luxurious interiors. Molyneux’s interior designs refer to the past with a twist of the unexpected, combining fantasy and centuries-old techniques, to evoke the atmosphere of history. The palace is a building with a cosmopolitan origin and architectural vocabulary. Naturally, the theme of wine and vineyards has also inspired the designer. The spirit of the grandeur of the house is restored by precious materials such as marble, stone, mahogany woodwork, glass, stucco, etc. About his work at Château Mukhrani, Juan Pablo Molyneaux noted that the Château Mukhrani is a source of cosmopolitan architectural expressions which continues to capture the attention of every visitor.

Château Mukhrani’s splendid XIX century palace surrounded by forest, French gardens and pristine vineyards is offering to guests unique and extraordinary locations for cultural events, business meetings, corporate gatherings, private occasions, ceremonies, and gala dinners. At the palace dining area our guests have opportunity to taste international high quality cuisine lead by French recipes, with a touch of local flavors and aromas, serving the wines from Château Mukhrani production. Meanwhile, the palace iconic hospitality locations with stunning architecture provides majestic backdrop for different kind of events.

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