Arsen Fedosenko. A photo guide along the country’s wine routes


Among nominees for the Influencer’s award, sponsored by Vinos de La Luz group of companies, we are pleased to present the works by Arsen Fedosenko, a photographer who is documenting the process of development of Ukrainian winemaking. He has traveled to all regions and visited almost all wineries – from small to large. Today, by following his works, you may be travelling around Ukraine. In fact, this is a complete photo guide along the country’s wine routes.

This is what Arsen is saying about his works: “I am convinced that there are many people who perceive wine not only as a drink, but also as a local cultural product. Therefore, I always study local wines, wherever I am – either in Ukraine, or abroad – looking for a nearby winery and getting to know the winemaker. Wineries are marked on tourist maps in the vicinity of Vienna, Barcelona, Zagreb, and Ljubljana, which can be reached within an hour.

Unfortunately, I have not seen Ukrainian tourist maps with the routes through local wineries. Thus, the lack of information about this cluster is mistakenly perceived as its absence. In order to rectify such lack of information, I launched a photo project dedicated to the local winemaking in Ukraine”.