A Journey With The Spanish Palate: the WTA 2023 voting winners‘ glimpse of the Spanish wine tourism opportunities


For Sandy and Michelle, the two sisters who created Wines To Find, a wonderful podcast and the WTA 2022-2023 voting winner, wine is the best journey. “It’s our belief that there’s a wine out there for everyone, we just have to help you identify your tastes so you can find it!” — says Michelle. “We’re willing to encounter the spit bucket worthy wines to find the real gems so you don’t have to!” — adds Sandy.

Summer is the right time to travel, especially when your destination is Spain and its best wine regions. This summer‘s choice for the lovely wine-tasting Wines To Find duet was amazing Spain with its unforgettable wines. Sandy and Michelle are sharing their impressions and memories of this trip in their podcast.

“Ready for a journey that will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your wanderlust? Buckle up as we, the Wines To Find team, including our husbands, recount the thrilling adventure we embarked on, starting in South Carolina and crossing half the globe to land in Madrid, Spain. From our first wine tasting in Rioja to the stunning views of the mountains and the unique vineyards, we experienced and learned so much about the robust wines in this region. From savoring grilled lamb chops cooked over grapevine cuttings paired with local wine, to understanding the effects of soil composition on the taste of your favorite drink, we promise this journey will be a rich, memorable, and flavorful one. Our Spanish adventure is filled with delectable wines, scenic beauty, and insightful learnings that we can’t wait to share with you!” — says the Wines To Find Facebook post, announcing the first episodes of the Spanish podcast.

“While we appreciate the romance and art of winemaking, the reality is there can be a lot of science and technology involved. While in Spain, we were fortunate to see many facilities, both large and small, we were fascinated by the level of detail and cleanliness of their wineries,” — Michelle and Sandy wrote in one of their Spain-related posts. 

An epic day in La Mancha, sustainable winemaking by Leyenda del Paramo in Leon, the unique soils of the vineyard plots in Ribera del Duero and the cellars of Toro, organic vineyards and wine tastings in the best wineries of Rioja, hearing the stories of the winemaking families that have grown grapes on that land “for so long they couldn’t remember anything other than that”, getting to know the winemakers and experiencing their wines, tapas and barbecues, cheese and jamōn, accompanied by multiple, varied and equally amazing wines — all this, and a lot more, will be covered by the podcast series telling about the fabulous Spanish wine tour. 

“Spain was a marathon, from South Carolina, to Madrid, to Briones. Great wine, great food, great people, lots of wine education and dancing the nights away! Listen to our latest ep for all the details!” — they are summing up in another Facebook post. For this, as well as lots of other fascinating wine stories by Wines To Find, check their podcast on Apple Podcasts.