“VinOPERA” Castel Mimi #84

Republic of Moldova
Replublic of Moldova, district Anenii Noi, village Bulboaca
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Wine and opera: a perfect blend for a cultural evening

The first castle in Moldova founded in 1893 by the last governor of Bessarabia – Constantin Mimi. Originally dedicated to winemaking, it has a rich history of events that eventually led to the creation of perfect wines. Castel Mimi is recognized as the guest card of Moldova, one of the most important tourist attractions in the country, which has managed to gather guests from over 100 countries around the world. At the same time, Castel Mimi is in the Top 15 of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world of wine.

“VinOPERA” is a large-scale cultural event, which aims to promote classical music, to encourage artists, to cultivate in people a love for art and beauty, for Moldova and its traditions, to capitalize on places of cultural importance and to encourage tourism in the country.

This event has become a tradition and will be organized every year in the first week of September, under the open sky, and wine and music will make a perfect blend for a cultural evening.

Motive power for changes

The event “VinOPERA” influenced the thinking process and creative capacity of the group of guests who were present both physically and virtually. The event aims to increase the cultural level in the national and international scale in the field of music and winemaking.

By involving the human resources in the region, it contributes to the socio-economic development of the region. Also, with its international character, the elevation of Moldova in the international rating of tourist and educational attractiveness is pursued. We promote a responsible and balanced consumption of quality wines.

This is an event with a music recital. For a perfect evening outdoors, there is a blend of exceptional wines and lots of quality music! In this context, the guests, in addition to listening pleasure, are served young wine.

Philosophy and format

The first edition of the “VinOPERA” event was on September 6, 2019, unfortunately the 2020 edition was not possible because of the pandemic evolution in the country, and in 2021 the event took place on September 4.

This year, we welcomed around 1000 visitors who were physically present (although we have the possibility to receive 4000 people at the same time, but to ensure all safety conditions, we limited the number of people on the spot; the health of our visitors and staff is at the foreground). As for online views, they were over 600,000.

The event is organized in order to promote values such as classical music, artists from the Republic of Moldova, the country’s history, to encourage tourism in the country, to emphasize places of cultural importance in the Republic of Moldova, and to contribute to promoting the country’s image.

Through the course of the event, we highlighted the ecological problem related to the reckless use of plastic. Plastic is not used at the event; through this we communicate and educate care for the environment. 

We also organize wine tastings educating the responsible consumption of alcoholic products.

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