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WEB TV channel about the world of Italian wine

The Wine Republic of Italy is a WEB TV channel uploaded on Facebook, created in 2018 by Antonio Sferlazzo, an Italian wine journalist based in Tuscany; the project aims to communicate the Italian best wines to an international audience of wine loves; the FB page presents quick video interviews to wine producers or wine journalists, recorded during wine trade fairs such as Vinitaly, often broadcasted alive via FB; or else extended video portraits of wine producers and their wineries.

In both case Antonio Sferlazzo, editor-in-chief of the TV channel, tries to rise the interest of the audience, being creative, spontaneous, fresh, entertaining, even  provocative and possibly never boring or commercial; his previous 30 years career as photojournalist, helps him creating documentaries about wine where images, words and music melt, in order to transmit to the audience the magic and the “flavor” of the wines, and of course the history, the culture of the territory. 

Antonio Sferlazzo: creative, spontaneous, fresh, entertaining

Sferlazzo, during the last 20 years, has tasted the wines of at least a couple of thousand of Italian wineries all over Italy, many of them personally visited; he prefers small/medium size wineries which produce high quality and possibly natural wines; he regularly contributes articles about the Italian wine world to wine magazines from Eastern Europe such as Sommelier (Czech Rep), Vinoteka (Slovakia), Drinks+ (Ukraine).

An efficient journalistic presentation of Italian wine

The Wine Republic of Italy doesn’t pretend to be a social influencer with thousands of followers but to offer an efficient journalistic presentation which the wineries themselves can share and re-post on their social media; the project so far, is supported only by AS himself, therefore needs main sponsors in order to survive.

A couple of samples of extended video portraits of wine producers and their wineries, made by Antonio Sferlazzo and published by The Wine Republic of Italy during 2021:

A few samples of the most recent quick video interviews, in English or French, of wine producers and wine journalists during wine trade fairs (many others in Italian can be watched on the page):

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