The Shumi Winery #156

village Tsinandali, Telavi Municipality, Region Kakheti
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The land of kings

SHUMI Winery” is located in the village of the historical region of Georgian winemaking Kakheti –  Tsinandali. It borders the National Park and Museum of Al. Chavchavadze. The land, on which the winery and tour complex are located, at different times belonged to Georgian and Kakhetian kings, Prince Alexander Chavchavadze family, and then became the part of the summer residence of Russian Emperor Alexander III.

The unique place featuring Georgian culture

Today “Shumi tourist complex, located on 9 hectares of land, has no analogues in the world, both in its infrastructure and in service. You will not find a place where you can visit as many samples of Georgian culture collected in one space as there are in Shumi’:  the largest private collection vineyard in the world, the first wine museum in Georgia, a sculpture park, a cellar, an enoteca, an ethnographic pavilion, gastronomic zone with restaurant, cafes, terraces, tasting areas and much more.

This the right place to celebrate

The mission of our team is to acquaint the world with Georgian vineyards and wine, its historical past, culture, unique drinks and food made in Shumi. The eno-gastronomic service offered by the Shumi Winery is at the heart of this mission. 

Shumi” is the organizer of a number of effective events: “Opening the Qvevri”, “Lazare Feast”, “The Ceremony of Initiation into Kakhetians” and others.

“The Ceremony of Initiation into Kakhetians” includes the following events: The guest first gets acquainted with Kakheti by helicopter, then a Qvevri is opened for him in the “Shumi” wine-cellar to the songs of the “Shumi” ensemble, he is the first to taste the wine from this Qvevri; Then, he plants a rare grape variety  in vineyard collection. A personalized banner  is made, which indicates the vine variety, origin (country), guest name and planting date. Then the baptismal ritual is performed at the Installation Lazare, when he empties a full clay cup of wine, puts a Kakhetian hat on his head and greets the Kakhetians. All ceremony is accompanied by Georgian dances and songs. The ritual is crowned with a festive table and fireworks. This ritual was filmed in the program “Heads&Tails”  “Georgians.Georgia. Earth”.

SHUMI Harvest Festival

Especially noteworthy is the “Harvest Festival”, which is held every year at the end of the harvest in the tourist complex. The last harvest in the company is held in the collection vineyard. Grapes are harvested by employees and invited guests, friends of the company, with whom the company has long-standing friendship and cooperation: wine experts and professionals, diplomats from different countries in Georgia, media representatives, employees of travel companies, invited guests from abroad, the tourists who came to “Shumi” on this day also join.

In autumn, exclusive drinks: sparkling wine Lazare, Qvevri wine Lazare, Zigu and Chacha Monada are produced from grapes harvested in a collection vineyard. 

A small part of the grapes symbolically squeezed by guests with their feet in a centuries-old wooden winepress by walking guests, accompanied by Georgian polyphonic songs performed by the Shumi ensemble. Then the guests will taste Georgian dishes cooked on an open fire. Optionally, they also take part in their preparation: they make churchkhela “Tsinandali”, bake Tsiteli Doli bread, make khinkali, khachapuri and Georgian barbeque, distill chacha and much more. It is held wine tasting “Shumi”, where guests get acquainted with the novelties of “Shumi” and taste a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

Then, in a specially equipped place, Installation Lazare, a ritual dedicated to the ancient fertility goddess Lazare is performed. In the framework of the event fun quizzes, draws and prizes are organized as well.

Open-air events

At the end of the event, a magnificent open-air banquet will take place, where, along with traditional Georgian foods, guests will taste exclusive Shumi dishes. At Georgian „Supra“ a wine range of traditional dishes are perfectly paired with Shumi alcoholic drinks.
A concert with the participation of Georgian and ballroom dance and song ensembles held on the stage of “Shumi”.
The event was crowned with large fireworks.
Visit us and join the celebration of “Shumi harvesting”!

Achievements and awards

The Shumi Winery is the first company in Georgia, which in 2002 offered customers services of eno-gastronomic tourism. In 2020, Shumi became the winner in the category The Best Location For Gastronomic Regional Tourism in the framework of WELCOME TO GEORGIA National Tourism Award, which is considered the ‘Oscars’ of tourist and hospitality industry in Georgia.

In 2020 and 2021 Shumi became the winner in the category The Best Wine Tourism Award in the framework of WELCOME TO GEORGIA National Tourism Award. In 2020 the Shumi Company was awarded as The Traveler’s Choice by Tripadvisor.

In 2021, for the first time in the history of Georgia, the Shumi Wine Company became the winner in the nomination The Best Practice Related to Archaeobotanical in Wine Tourism at the international competition in Sicily organized by the Council of Europe.

The company exports its products to more than 32 countries around the world. Among the more than 450 highest awards received at prestigious international world competitions, there is also the title of The Best Producer of Georgia, awarded at MUNDUS VINI – one of the most important and prestigious wine competitions in the world in 2020.

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